Denver Sheriff’s Department partners with Securus Technologies to provide vital tablet technology for people in custody

Tablets provide critical communication channels, rehabilitation resources and education so that people in custody can prepare for successful re-entry back into the community

DENVER, March 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Denver Sheriff’s Department today announced the people in custody at Denver County Jails and downtown detention centers will receive JP6S Securus Unity tablets to support rehabilitation efforts, thanks to a new partnership with Securus Technologies. This is an example of the Denver Sheriff’s Department’s commitment to helping people prepare to re-enter the community where they can succeed. Detainees can access re-entry and educational content for free on the tablets in addition to purchased content.

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JP6S Securus Unity Tablets provide our wards with access to email and outgoing phone calls to ensure continuous connections with family and friends and help parents maintain relationships with their children. Free apps on the devices include educational and rehabilitation content, a legal library, mental health resources, faith-based programming, podcasts and other tools that support successful re-entry preparation. They can also buy premium media like music, games, movies and TV shows.

“Technology is evolving rapidly, which is why it’s important to give the people we care for the digital tools they need to succeed both inside and outside our facilities.” said Sheriff of Denver, Elias Diggins. “Securus tablets are practical for a prison environment, offering a range of touchscreen applications, a secure and user-friendly experience. Ninety-seven percent of people who enter our custody are returned to the community. It is vital that we all support efforts to make successful re-entry a promising reality.”

The mission of the Denver Sheriff’s Department is to provide a safe and secure environment for inmates and staff. Complimenting this promise, Securus JP6S Unity tablets are uniquely designed for prison facilities, equipped with security features to maintain safety. For example, tablets operate in a closed, secure infrastructure, so they can only use approved apps on the device. Internet and social media are not available.

“Our tablet technology modernizes correctional environments by providing access to supportive applications and communication channels that keep loved ones connected,” said Jim Ciampaliovice president of sales for Securus Technologies, an Aventiv company. “The Denver Sheriff’s Department’s commitment to those in their custody and the Denver community is undeniable and further demonstrated by the adoption of this tablet program.” We are proud to work together on a technology initiative that will drive better outcomes.”

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The Denver Sheriff’s Department is the largest sheriff’s department in the state Colorado — we’re proud to represent the Mile High City! The mission of the Denver Sheriff’s Department is to provide safe and secure custody for those placed in our care and to carry out all of our duties in a manner that meets the needs of our diverse community. We are committed to excellent community and client service and continually building a smarter and more exceptional agency by focusing on five pillars as outlined in our strategic plan. The Denver Sheriff’s Department, led by Sheriff Elias Digginsconsists of over 1,100 uniformed and non-uniformed officers who oversee a wide variety of divisions and operations, including two jail facilities, security for the district and county court systems, state inmate transportation, extradition duties, fugitive and K-9 units, a facility for vehicle impoundment and security at Denver Health and Medical Center.

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Based in Carrollton, Texas, Securus Technologies, a subsidiary of Aventiv Technologies, serves more than 3,450 public safety, law enforcement and corrections agencies and more than 1,100,000 inmates across North America. The Aventiv organization is committed to providing emergency response, incident management, public information, investigation, biometrics, communication, information management, prison self-service and surveillance products and services to make our world a safer place to live . For more information, please visit Aventiv is a portfolio company of Platinum Equity. Founded in 1995 by Tom Gores, Platinum Equity is a global investment firm with a portfolio of approximately 40 operating companies serving clients worldwide.

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