Did Biden travel with a ‘little boy’ on Air Force One?


In March 2023, President Joe Biden was seen exiting Air Force One with a little boy dressed as a girl.


On March 15, 2023, allegations spread on Twitter that President Joe Biden was traveling with a “little boy” on Air Force One. The claims were false.

“WATCH! This just pisses me off! ???? Biden walks down the stairs of the plane with a boy wearing a women’s jumpsuit! This is too much!” said a much-shared post on Twitter. It had accumulated more than a million views by the time it was deleted. Other users tweeted back that it was his granddaughter.

Biden walks down the stairs of the plane with a boy wearing a women's jumpsuit! (twitter)

The person in the photo is indeed Natalie Biden, the president’s granddaughter. Born in 2004, she is an adult woman who turned 18 last year. Local publications such as Nevada Independent and the Las Vegas Sun identified her as traveling with Biden on a trip to Las Vegas to participate in a prescription drug event.

Natalie Biden has been photographed with Biden before. In 2022, she was seen with her grandfather when they toured the University of Pennsylvania. She was also photographed on the campaign trail when he ran for president in 2020. You can clearly see that this is the same woman in the photos.

“Natalie is on spring break,” White House press secretary Karin-Jean-Pierre said during a March 13 press conference. “So she joined her daddy on this trip.”

False claims related to Natalie Biden have been scrutinized before. The Associated Press found that a video of Biden putting a voting sticker on her for the first time was distorted to try to make it seem like he was a pedophile. There is no evidence to support the claim.

Cisgender women being accused of being men or boys is also something that has happened before. In November 2022, a woman was accused of being a transgender boy while using the bathroom in Las Vegas.


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