Dierks Bentley on how Mocktails led to his investment in WithCo. Cocktail mixers

“Life’s too short for a bad drink,” country music star Dierks Bentley shared in an interview with Forbes before officially announcing his investment in WithCo. drink mixers with fresh ingredients this week. “I want quality in everything I put in my body.”

Established in 2017 by co-founders Joshua Ellis and Bradley Ryan, WithCo. is short for “With Company”, which is rooted in the idea that drinking is a social act, with or without alcohol. Made in Dixon, Tennessee, the mixers feature all natural botanicals and juices, ranging from fresh agave nectar, lime juice and orange oil in the Agave Margarita to lavender, lemon and rose water in the Bouquet (a favorite of Bentley’s wife), so yes can be enjoyed individually or paired with spirits to create a seamless cocktail.

“I’ve never had a drink mix that I would just drink separately, it usually looks like radiator fluid,” said Bentley, who described the discovery of WithCo. such as changing the rules about his health, the quality of his concerts, and the ability to continue going out with his friends at night when he’s not drinking (Bentley often drives the band home after concerts).

WithCo. first came onto Bentley’s radar in 2019 when he was on a hiatus from drinking. “My wife and I always say when ‘to get’ turns to ‘have to’ [drink], it’s time to take a little break,” Bentley said of his occasional breaks from alcohol. The singer-songwriter is no stranger to hosting cocktail parties night after night when he’s on tour, which he admits can be “a lot,” so he started experimenting with cocktails.

“It takes work,” he laughed, explaining that his and wife Cassidy’s preferred soft drink is spicy margaritas. “Squeezing a lime or sometimes a jalapeño goes bad, it’s a pain in the ass.”

One afternoon, his wife returned from Nashville’s boutique department store, White’s Mercantile, carrying a bottle of WithCo’s Agave Margarita. “It was like a real margarita,” Bentley said. “I was able to hit the road and be part of the party again.”

Once Bentley got back on the bandwagon, he discovered that mixing tequila (Casamigos is his brand of choice) with an Agave Margarita was just as delicious, perpetuating the brand’s versatility, quality and consistency.

“What I’ve always loved about beer is that you open it up and you know exactly what you’re getting,” Bentley explained. On the contrary: “What I’ve always hated about mixed drinks is that you never know what you’re going to get, but it’s probably going to be expensive.” WithCo. changed that for Bentley, and it ultimately encouraged him to collaborate with the Nashville-based team to spread their mutual belief that “drinking should be about celebration and community,” Bentley said.

“I love how inclusive it is,” added Bentley, who keeps all nine bottles on his backstage bar. When he brings guests back to enjoy a cocktail, he lets them craft their own based on preferences – WithCo. seamlessly displays the ingredients on the bottle and suggested spirit – saying “it’s a bartender in a bottle”.

Below, we took a quick shoot with Bentley to learn about some of his preferences behind the bar.

What WithCo. will we always find in your bar cart?

Ellis Old Fashioned.

A spirit of choice?

Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

Clear or on the rocks?


Favorite side dish?

Old fashioned orange peel.

Mocktail of choice?

WithCo. Agave Margarita with a few drops of Ritual tequila alternative.

Cheers or not cheers?

Cheers and always look the person straight in the eye.

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