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Trends from the 2000s keep coming back and one of the most popular used by teenagers is old digital and film cameras.

It may seem surprising to older generations that people would want to use something older rather than what is perceived to be newer and of better quality, but there are many reasons why digital cameras may be better than smartphone cameras.

People love digital cameras because of their ease of use. Its size makes it portable as it is so easy to take it with you wherever you go: trips, beaches, parties, concerts, museums or just hanging out with friends. No limit.

I think what makes them special to Gen Z is the nostalgic memories we associate with them. Because our parents used them, it reminds us of what we saw growing up.

Quality is a huge aspect of why older digital cameras are so popular. It’s different from the normal phone quality we’re used to. They are grainy, maybe even a little blurry, but in a good way. It has a retro look that is exciting for people, perfect for night photography with flash. It’s similar to when we saw a wave of people switching to flip phones because of the quality and ‘vintage aesthetic’.

They gained popularity among celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid, Charlie D’Amelioand more.

If you want a cheaper option, disposable cameras are a good option. FujiFilm Quicksnap disposable cameras are very popular. You can get them for around $10 at local markets like Target, Walmart, CVS, etc. My friends and I carry them everywhere with us. It’s exciting to take a photo and not know how it will look until later when you develop it. It helps you stay present in the moment.

To get your photos developed, places like Walgreens, CVS, and RiteAid are always good, but if you want to get your photos developed faster, there are smaller businesses around Los Angeles where you can get it done for a decent price.

Sophomore Ruby Martinez and arts and entertainment editor Alina Miller at Venice High’s Pink Out 2023. Photo by Leila Goldschmidt.

Here is a photo of my friend and I at the Pink Out Football game taken by Leila Goldschmidt on her Olympus 6.0 digital camera, originally released in 2006. Goldschmidt also participated in Girls Tennis and brought her camera to several games, taking great snapshots of the team.

Her process to develop her photos is using a cable to upload them to her computer. If she wants to print them, she either just uses a regular printer, or what she prefers to do is upload them to a USB stick and take it to either Walgreens or Staples. “You can get a ton printed for about $5,” she says. It’s an easy process.

She likes to use a digital camera instead of her phone because it puts more thought into it. “People will take a bunch of pictures while they’re doing something without thinking, and it takes away from the moment,” she says.

This is a candid photo of sophomore Ruby Martinez taken with her WZMEYAO children’s camera. She finds them a better option as they are more unique than the everyday iphone photos we are used to seeing.

“I love digital cameras, they are so much fun. Everyone takes random photos on their phones, it makes more sense to have something physical to tie to the memories,” she says. “They also come out with different qualities that have a nostalgic feel that appeals to everyone.”

Her process for printing them is also similar. She uploads them to her computer and then takes them to Costco, CVS, or another photo display.

When my parents saw me taking photos on their old Fujifilm FinePix Z1000 EXR, they were confused as to why my generation would prefer an “old camera” over newer phones that have “much better quality” and while it may be true , that using the phone is a little less work, not so exciting.

Whether you’re looking for a way to quickly capture moments with friends or just love the retro look, it’s a good idea to get one… or you can be like me and dig out your parents’ old camera.

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