Dixon School of Arts in Pensacola is hosting a student fashion show

Two dozen students will get their “red carpet moment” this Friday.

Dixon School of Arts & Sciences is holding its annual exhibit on Friday, with this year’s theme being “I Am Dixon.” The event will feature fashion, music, dance and an opportunity for students to showcase their unique personalities and aspirations.

Donovan Black, a performing arts instructor at Dixon, chose the topic after reading Natasha Tarpley’s book “I Choose to Be,” which focuses on children’s infinite potential. The annual showcase aims to help Dixon students realize their potential.

“I call it the red carpet moment when all eyes are on us, we’re glamorous and we’re fulfilled like we’re on top of the world,” Black said. “It’s so important, and that’s why I want to try to make sure I’m picking students who aren’t always the best at everything they do and/or their grades aren’t always where they should be. But these kinds of things change your perspective, when you have a full audience of 250 people looking at you and clapping and aspiring to be that person, it changes your life. I think that’s why I love the stage and art.”

Kindergarten graduate Atticus Ray, dressed as a Tyrannosaurus Rex, walks the runway as students rehearse a fashion show as part of a showcase inspired by the book

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There will be 24 students walking the runway, each dressed by a designer, and they will perform a small inspirational vignette to introduce a chosen character to the audience and the world.

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