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Get your St. Patrick’s Day weekend off to a good start with some new songs from your favorite queer artists. Billboard Pride is proud to present the latest edition of Queer Jams of the Week, our collection of some of the best new music releases from LGBTQ artists.

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Check out the latest videos, rankings and news

From Doechii’s perfect new collaboration with Kodak Black to Joy Oladokun’s life-affirming new anthem, check out just a few of our favorite releases from this week below.

Doechii feat. Kodak Black, “What Is (Block Boy)”

Simply put, Doechii has never sounded better than on ‘What It Is (Block Boy)’. In her bouncy new track, the rising singer lets her voice loose over an instantly catchy warm-up track full of light guitar riffs, massive piano chords and a killer beat. Add to it a verse from “Super Gremlin” superstar Kodak Black and you have a certified hit on your hands.

Joy Oladokun feat. Noah Kahan, We’re All Gonna Die

Existentialism has never sounded as good as it does on Joy Oladokun’s new anthem. The aptly titled “We’re All Gonna Die” shows the singer-songwriter taking a “hell, let’s see what happens” approach to almost everything he has to offer. Although the lyrics can sometimes dip into a slightly more pessimistic outlook than Oladokun fans are used to hearing, the sweet, moving production immediately dispels any doubts – “We’re All Gonna Die” is really about having fun with the little time that you have an imam in this world.

princess nokia, I love you, but this is goodbye

There is something for I love you but this is goodbye the sparkling new EP from Princess Nokia, which is deeply charming. During the project, in which the star changes his hip-hop style for a pop-rock-meets-electronica vibe, Nokia charts a complete journey from love to loss and back again. Her pen is completely intact with some A-plus tracks on tracks like “Angels & Demons” while others like lead single “Closure” let you enjoy their delicious production. This is a remarkable EP from an artist who needs much more recognition than she has already earned.

ODESZA feat. Claude, “To Be Yours”

For their first collaboration together, electronic duo ODESZA and indie star Claud prove to be a perfect match. “To Be Yours” perfectly straddles the line between each artist’s worlds, utilizing the in-demand dance couple’s crystal-clear production work as well as the fast-rising bedroom pop singer’s confessional songwriting in one gloriously entertaining single. If you’re looking for a good song to just enjoy this weekend, look no further.

Grayson Chance, Herringbone

Grayson Chance would like his jacket back, please – and if you could bring his heart back with it, that would also be very helpful. “Herringbone,” the heartbreaking new single from the alt-pop singer-songwriter, is an ode to all things lost, as Chance begs his lover to come back after their breakup. With a gentle touch and some very well-written lyrics, Chance owns every ounce of his own grief in this gorgeous new song.

Sienna Liggins, “3 Bathrooms”

Sienna Liggins is up for a little experimentation. On “3 Bad,” the singer’s latest track, Liggins manages to take hyper-pop sounds (high-pitched vocals, clattering percussion, and blown bass drums, to name a few) and make a deeply introspective, chaotically sad breakup song. Despite promising self-destruction to her old flame, Liggins isn’t blowing up—she’s expanding her sound and diving headfirst into a new era of her career.

Shelly Fairchild feat. Shamir, “Fist City” (Loretta Lynn cover)

There’s something so deeply engaging about artists as diverse as Shelly Fairchild and Shamir coming together to tackle a Loretta Lynn classic like “Fist City.” The pair don’t shy away from the country superstar’s signature sounds—instead, they lean in, bringing a folky strum to every bar of this tasty cover. With a range of voices uniquely suited to each other, Fairchild and Shamir shine in this magnificent tribute to a late icon.

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