Dolphins ‘not expected’ to pursue Tom Brady

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We recently indicated that signing with the Dolphins was “definitely on the table” for recent free agent Tom Brady. The feeling may not be mutual.

More precisely, it is not “expected” to be mutual.’s Adam Schefter reports that the Dolphins are “not expected” to pursue Brady should he decide to play in 2023. Schefter added, citing unnamed sources, that the Dolphins are “committed” to Tua Tagovailoa.

It is not clear why Schefter had to refer to unnamed sources for the claim that the Dolphins were dedicated to Tua. The coach and the general manager they said it publicly. (Schefter also reported two weeks ago that Tua is “expected” to be the starter in 2023. As Siena once told Costanza, “I heard you the first time.”)

As we said in response to the pro-Tua comments from the team, actions speak louder than words. If they’re really committed, pick up his fifth-year option. Or sign a long-term contract with him. Until one of these things happens, the commitment isn’t worth the paper it’s not printed on.

Five weeks after suffering his latest concussion, Tua still isn’t cleared to play flag football, frolf or whatever else the NFL plans to do this week in Las Vegas instead of a two-handed touchdown in full pads. This seems to be the most important news for Tua. How can they be truly committed to him until they know when/if he will be cleared to practice and play?

And while GM Chris Greer pushed the idea that Tua is no more susceptible than anyone else to suffering another concussion, the question isn’t whether he will suffer another concussion. The question is whether his next concussion will be the one that prevents him from healing again. Also, given his lack of size (compared to other quarterbacks), the question is whether he can keep from being thrown to the ground and his helmet hitting the turf. So he suffered each of his two (or three) concussions in 2022.

Schefter’s safe harbor — “not expected” — stems from the very real possibility that the Dolphins have decided to make a clear commitment to Tua by the time they decide to rescind said commitment. Given the extent to which Deshaun Watson’s potential arrival left Tua confused in the first half of 2021, the Dolphins don’t want him thinking they can waive him until they’ve decided to do so.

That’s how it goes in the NFL sometimes. A team says it definitely wants a player until it doesn’t anymore. And when that happens, the team rarely gets carried away with the messages they’ve previously put out.

Especially when the message knowingly contains enough wiggle room, as it does in this message.

And it makes sense to leave some wiggle room. What happens if Brady contacts the Dolphins and expresses interest in playing for the Dolphins? Will they say no? They lost a first-round pick last year because they drafted Brady and coach Sean Payton when both were under contract with other teams.

That’s all the more reason the Dolphins announced they are not “expected” to pursue Brady. We all know persecution happens before agency begins. Brady is already trying to shed some preemptive dirt on the inevitable tampering traces. The last thing the Dolphins want or need is to give up another first-round pick to talk to Brady before they’re allowed to do so.

So of course they are “not expected” to go after Brady. If/when Brady pursues them, that could be a completely different story.

Report: Dolphins ‘not expected’ to pursue Tom Brady originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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