Driver says he hit animal, police find dead body in his car

NORTH TEXAS – White Settlement Police Chief Christopher Cook shared news at a news conference Sunday morning about an investigation into a man who drove about 40 miles with a lifeless body in the passenger seat of a car.

“When you’re impaired to the point where you hit a pedestrian in the roadway and you think it’s an animal, that’s significant impairment, and in all my 28 years I’ve never worked a case like this,” Cook said.

Authorities are still trying to figure out exactly what happened Saturday night, but they’re putting the pieces together.

Around 11:00 p.m., a concerned citizen reported a driver who appeared to be passed out at the wheel in the parking lot of a local Jack in the Box restaurant. This caller also reported that the gray Kia Forte had extensive damage to the hood and windshield. When police arrived at the scene, they found the driver, but also another person in the front passenger seat, who was later pronounced dead by EMS.

White Village Police Department

Police immediately arrested the driver, Nestor Lujuan Flores, 31, of Arlington, who they say was intoxicated. Flores told the responding officer that he thought he had hit a deer somewhere in Dallas. But Flores, who ended up in Fort Worth around 8 p.m., never called 911 to report an accident.

Detectives say based on the evidence, they believe Flores hit the man with his car somewhere between Arlington and White Settlement and that the impact was so strong that the man was thrown inside the Kia Forte. Cook said Sunday that there was “significant trauma to the body … including missing some body parts.”

“This scene was really difficult for our fire crews, our police crews, our MedStar crews to even work on a case like this,” Cook said. “What’s disappointing for our teams is that [this] is avoided. People don’t need to get behind the wheel. We talk about this all the time – make good decisions. There’s carpooling, there’s friends, there’s just other things you can do besides get behind the wheel.”

Flores faces charges of intoxication manslaughter, manslaughter and possibly failure to stop and render aid. Cook said Sunday that Flores was previously arrested with DWI in 2020 by Plano police and convicted in 2021.

WSPD turned over its investigation to the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office. Together, they will work to find out where Flores was drinking between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. and whether he had overdosed.

The White Settlement Police Department has contacted surrounding departments to try to track down the schedule. Cook said the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office has been working an accident at I-30 and Cockrell Hill since Sunday morning after finding some possible body parts in the road. Cook said that based on this information, WSPD believes the two incidents may be related, but will wait for the Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office and the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office to make that determination.

“It certainly shows you that [with] impaired driving is still a huge problem in North Texas. All of our agencies are dealing with this,” Cook said. “It’s the holiday season. We know some people aren’t going to take our advice. Some people are going to get behind the wheel when they shouldn’t… You’re going to see an extra police presence not only here in White Settlement, but across the entire North Texas region because the time of year – we want people to have a good time, we want people to celebrate, we just don’t want you behind the wheel.”

If you or anyone you know has any information about this incident, WSPD asks that you contact Sgt. Stephen Person at [email protected] or 817-246-7070.

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