Dual Credit – Solving Technology Problems – Exploring Career Choices

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Dual Credit – Solving Technology Problems

Technology Problem Solving (ATG1008) at Olds College teaches students problem-solving methods to arrive at data-driven solutions. Students will learn how to determine what data should be collected, how to turn large data sets into knowledge with data analysis tools, and how to use that knowledge to communicate and implement solutions. Students will apply the problem-solving cycle to tasks in their daily lives and to computer programming, including programming robotic vehicles for tracks to accomplish certain tasks. No prior coding experience is required. As students complete the activities and projects provided in this course, they will gain experience using Microsoft Excel and Arduino’s basic C++ computer language to program a robot to actuate.

See a sample course description and the Olds College Dual Credit Student Tip Sheet for information about being a student at Olds College.

Benefits of the program

  • Jumpstart your post-secondary education while still in high school
  • Build confidence by developing learning strategies and skills that support your learning transitions
  • Learn about current opportunities and experience post-secondary education
  • Taught by experienced instructors who are connected to the industry and help students make meaningful connections to career paths
  • Earn high school credits and post-secondary credits

  • Cre yours- 5, 30 and about CTS
    3 credits after secondary education

Eligibility for students

Open to CBE high school students who:

  • Are in 11th or 12th grade during the program
  • You have a strong interest in exploring a pathway in ICT or robotics and are open to how these skills can be used in the agricultural industry
  • They are excited about taking a post-secondary course in an online format
  • i have completed the following preliminary course:
  • are on the road successfully complete the following courses or equivalents:
    • Math 20-1 or 20-2
    • English Language Arts 30-1 or 30-2
    • Science at level 20 (two courses) or level 30 (one course)
  • There is Windows 10 PC or laptop to use at home during the course

Consider the rations

  • This course is offered virtually, so students will not have to change their schedule. However, this is a rigorous post-secondary course and is the equivalent of one 5-credit semester course.
  • There will be a weekly scheduled meeting after school hours with the instructor. Students are encouraged to attend to ask questions and clarify assignment requirements with the instructor to ensure success
  • Students must submit a personal study schedule (see application checklist for details) to maintain a minimum of 10-15 hours of coursework per week
  • Students are expected to communicate regularly with both their CBE teacher and the Olds instructor

Program delivery and location

This course is conducted virtually, fully online and learning is asynchronous

  • Students study on their own schedule, accessing lectures and reading materials independently
  • Students must meet all deadlines for coursework, quizzes, and tests

Program dates

  • Semester 1 | September to December 2023

  • How to apply

    1. Read the course(s) you are interested in applying for
    2. We strongly encourage you to attend the information sessions before or after you apply to the program(s) to make sure the program is right for you
    3. Download and complete the Dual Credit and Exploratory Program application form.
    4. Go through the application checklist and make sure all items are complete
    5. Make an appointment with your off-campus coordinator and/or guidance counselor to complete your application with signatures on all sides
    6. The school will submit the application to Unique Pathways on your behalf

    All applications must be received on or before Friday, May 26, 2023 at 1:00 p.m. Application does not guarantee a place on the program

    Application form for a dual credit and research program

    Apply now

    Unique Pathways invites students and guardians to save the date for information sessions​ regarding details of your program(s) of interest. Follow the link to find out the dates, times and link to the online information session.

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  • Program Partner

    Olds College

  • Application deadline:

    On or before Friday, May 26, 2023 at 1:00 p.m

    Please speak with the off-campus coordinator or high school guidance counselor to start planning future programs!

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