Dwayne Johnson’s upcoming movies almost all have one bad trait in common


  • Dwayne Johnson’s upcoming films have mostly consisted of sequels or remakes, limiting his ability to take on more diverse roles.
  • Johnson’s obsession with franchises may not be financially sustainable as his recent films have not fared so well at the box office.
  • The most exciting projects for Johnson are his three upcoming original films, Red One, The Smashing Machine and The King, which offer fresh and intriguing premises.

Dwayne Johnson has become one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, but almost all of his upcoming films have one bad trait in common. After retiring from wrestling, The Rock’s status in the film industry continued to rise in 2010 thanks to the box office boost he was able to provide. The overall success Johnson has experienced has allowed him to maintain his position as one of the busiest actors in Hollywood, usually starring in at least one of the biggest films of each year. This has made his talents quite in demand in the entertainment world, resulting in Johnson being attached to nearly a dozen upcoming films.

There’s an ever-growing list of upcoming Dwayne Johnson movies, but franchises have always been a key part of The Rock’s strategy to be a movie star. His appearance as the Scorpion King in The mummy is back spawned a standalone spinoff. Still, Johnson has made sure to still appear in a variety of movies that don’t have franchise potential, whether they come with him in the lead role or in a supporting role. Considering some of Dwayne Johnson’s box office failures of late, the renewed focus on non-franchises could be great for him. The only problem is that his subsequent films haven’t lived up to it.

Dwayne Johnson has at least 10 sequels or remakes in development

The harsh reality is that almost every movie Dwayne Johnson is currently developing is either a sequel or a remake. This number has increased significantly in 2023 alone. This comes as a result of Dwayne Johnson’s upcoming films, including a new Fast and furious spinoff and Fast and Furious 11 after his cameo role as Hobbes in Quickly Xscene after credits. Disney was also confirmed to be doing a live-action this year Moana remake with The Rock reprising his role as Maui. These three films join a long list of sequels or remakes that Dwayne Johnson is currently attached to.

Upcoming Dwayne Johnson movie

Franchise relationship

San Andreas 2

Sequel to San Andreas (2015)

Big problems in little China

A remake/sequel to 1986’s Big Trouble In Little China

Fast and Furious Hobbes Spinoff

Sequel to Fast X (2023)

Fast and Furious 11

Sequel to Fast X (2023)

Moana live

A remake of the 2016 Moana

Jungle Cruise 2

Sequel to Jungle Cruise (2021)

Doc Savage

Previous adaptation with 1975’s Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze

Red Notice 2

Sequel to Red Notice (2022)

Red Notice 3

Sequel to Red Notice 2

Jumanji 3

Sequel to Jumanji: The Next Level (2019)

The status of some of these Dwayne Johnson sequels, spinoffs, reboots, and remakes is not as clear as more recent announcements. The Doc Savage the film brought Johnson on board in 2016, but he noted in a 2018 interview that there were rights issues holding the film back. The character has since been given a TV show, which calls into question the future of the film. There is also little development Big problems in little China over the years and San Andreas 2 was not a priority for Johnson given the other franchises he was involved with.

Why Dwayne Johnson’s franchise obsession is bad for his career

Dwayne Johnson in Fast and Furious and Black Adam surrounded by money

Franchises may have played a crucial role in making Dwayne Johnson a big box office star, but the level of his obsession in recent years has only continued. In addition to almost exclusively playing roles in films that were developed with the franchise’s potential in mind, the sequels on his slate limit the amount of other projects he’s capable of doing. There are more interesting roles that can test his abilities as an actor instead of constantly returning to familiar roles where he plays loose variations of himself. Johnson should turn down another franchise role and risk pairing up with a major director for a more dramatic role.

The motivations for Dwayne Johnson’s franchise obsession aren’t as strong as they once seemed either. His films haven’t been doing so well at the box office in the past few years. Without the massive box office returns it was known for, the financial incentive to make even more franchises, sequels and reboots would diminish. This can even be seen as Johnson begins to move towards tying his franchises to streaming services, where box office pressure is eliminated and success is determined by the metrics provided by individual streamers.

Dwayne Johnson’s three upcoming original films are his most exciting yet

Dwayne Johnson and Chris Evans in a toy store at Red One.

The good news for Dwayne Johnson is that his three upcoming original movies are his most exciting projects on paper. His next film is Red One, an original Christmas action film starring Chris Evans. He has too The king in development, which is intended to be a historical drama in which Johnson plays Hawaiian King Kamehameha. There’s certainly plenty of hype and built-in intrigue about the various sequels to come, but both projects are giving audiences reason to be optimistic about what’s to come. It was also confirmed that he will make a dramatic turn in A24 The smashing machine.

with Red One, the idea of ​​Dwayne Johnson and Chris Evans starring alongside each other in an original Christmas movie is a fun premise. Throw in the fact that JK Simmons plays a ripped Santa and it has the makings of a movie worth watching repeatedly every holiday season. As for The kingthe film pairs The Rock with director Robert Zemeckis with a screenplay by BraveheartThis is Randall Wallace. Meanwhile, The smashing machine reunites him with director Benny Safdie for a potential Oscar-caliber project. These are exactly the kinds of non-sequels that Dwayne Johnson needs to do more, which are passion projects for the Samoan actor/wrestler.

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