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Nothing is more exciting for kids and kids at heart than planning your Halloween costume, whatever it may be. This is the perfect time to express your creativity in a spooky, exciting way.

If you need some inspiration for your Halloween parties this year, look no further PhilSTAR L!fe round some easy but fun costumes you can put on as seen by some local and international celebrities.

Mikey Fifth as Hannah Montana

Want to be a pop star for the night? Experience the best of both worlds as Hannah Montana just like Mike Quintos.

For anyone who grew up watching Disney Channel, it’s pretty easy to recognize the GMA star’s chosen character with her straight blonde hair and performer style.

Bringing back the iconic pop star, all you have to do is wear a straight blonde wig with full bangs and a thin, sparkly scarf that you can wrap around your neck for the party. Since Hannah Montana was known for layering her outfits, you can also pick up a sparkly tube in a girly color like pink, purple or yellow plus a textured blazer.

For the bottom, you can choose elephant cut jeans and cowboy boots.

When it comes to accessories, you can never go wrong with colorful, dangling earrings with lots of sparkle and shine. You can also buy bright bracelets and necklaces.

If it’s not too much trouble, wearing a microphone can also be a plus.

Adele as Morticia Adams

Wednesday became a hit when it premiered late last year on Netflix for its supernatural comedy horror themes. Although many people are expected to enjoy the main character Wednesday Addams (played by Jenna Ortega), singer Adele chose to channel another member of the Addams family – Morticia – for her Halloween costume during the her Las Vegas residence on October 27.

If you’re also thinking of dressing up as the character, the first rule is, of course, to constantly wear a crazy expression throughout the party. Next is to get a fitted dress with long sleeves, bells and a drop hem for a witch. Morticia is also known for her long black hair, so you can choose a wig to be able to pull it off.

To complete the look, you can do eyeshadow with a dark crease like Adele and pair it with a dark lippie. Don’t forget the intimidating rings on your fingers and some long, blood-red nails to seal the deal.

Kourtney Kardashian as Kim Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian recreated one of her sister’s most recognizable looks Kim Kardashian for Halloween.

The 44-year-old Lemme founder recently posted photos on Instagram of herself wearing Kim’s 2013 Met Gala outfit, which the latter wore while carrying her now 10-year-old daughter North West.

It looks like Kourtney wore the exact same Givenchy dress as Kim with the same makeup and hairdo. She also added matching gloves and shoes to the ensemble, which was designed by designer Riccardo Tisci, just like Kim did ten years ago.

If you want to copy the look, just go for a long sleeve floral dress. You can even go all out and make your own thigh slit as well as arm accessories. And just like the Kardashian sisters, finish off your look with a slicked back ponytail and bold ear.

Chie Philomeno as a fairy

Want to look cute and adorable this Halloween? Take some notes from the former PBB housemate Chie Filomeno.

Simply wear a fitted mini dress, a romantic or lace corset and a mesh skirt for a softly sexy look. You can also make some fairy wings yourself and get as creative as you want. You can pair it with high heels like the Chie or opt for flats to enjoy a hassle-free night out.

David Likauko as Roronoa Zorro

The Japanese manga series One piece became hot again with the release of its live-action adaptation, where viewers were thrilled to join the Straw Hat Pirates in their epic adventures.

Many people became fans almost instantly Makenew Arata, who portrays Roronoa Zoro, a skilled swordsman in the Netflix series. If you’re one of them and want to try this costume for your next ghost festival a la David Licauco, all you’ll need is a green wig, a beige coat, pants, a belt, and cuffs. Don’t forget his iconic three-piece earrings, as well as some swords for added effect.

Jose Sarasola and Rojun Cruz as Mario and Luigi

Going to the party with a plus one? Keep things fun by portraying the iconic video game characters, Mario and Luigi, just like chef Jose Sarasola and actor Rojun Cruz.

The concept is quite simple. You can accentuate their look with a pair of overalls, preferably a jumper, a red or green shirt and hat, white gloves, a fake mustache and white shoes.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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