Eco-Travel: Exploring Sustainable Tourism

Eco-friendly travel is now more important than ever as the climate continues to change and tourism resumes in a post-pandemic world. Pollution and excess waste cause harm to the environment, animals and communities living in tourist hotspots, making it essential to be sustainable when you travel. Casual travelers and full-time nomads alike can do their part to be eco-friendly as they travel the world, and in doing so can ensure a sustainable future for all.

As the global climate deteriorates at an unprecedented rate, there is a greater need to change the way you travel to minimize your impact on the environment. By being sustainable, no matter where you go, you can ensure you’re helping the planet and future generations.

Sustainable travel is part of the solution

Sustainable travel. Then you take the time to think about how every aspect of your trip can be greener so that you can minimize the impact of your activities on the environment. This is more important than ever, given that tourism accounts for 8-10% of global greenhouse gas emissions.