Else Labs uses Edamam’s recipe data for its cutting-edge autonomous cooking appliances

– Else Labs, a company focused on autonomous cooking, has partnered with Edamam to power their recipe and meal engine.

Edamam powers nutrition for leading global brands such as Food Network, Barilla and Microsoft.

Edamam is a leading B2B provider of nutritional data for recipe owners, food media, restaurants and catering companies.

Edamam powers nutrition data solutions for over 40,000 API subscribers

Edamam powers nutritional data solutions for food, health and wellness enterprises

Else Labs uses dietary and nutritional data from Edamam for recipes in the Oliver app, a companion to its commercial and soon-to-be home cooking appliances.

At Edamam, we believe that the smart kitchen space is on a growth trajectory and that recipes, food and data will be indispensable to all connected smart kitchen appliances.”

— Victor Penev

NEW YORK, NY, USA , Jan. 31, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Else Labs, a company focused on autonomous cooking, has partnered with Edamam to power their recipes and meal engine.

Else Labs develops autonomous kitchen appliances with unique patented technology that fully automates the cooking process, eliminating the need for an individual or culinary team, while producing consistent, high-quality meals.

“We created Oliver to give people an autonomous cooking experience, producing high-quality, nutritious meals. Now that food and technology are intersecting, the need for transparent nutritional data has become critical. Our partnership with Edamam was the right strategic choice for us to ensure the delivery of our holistic approach to distributing nutritional information for the dishes made by Oliver,” commented Khalid Abujasoom, founder and CEO of Else Labs.

Else Labs sends its recipes to the Edamam Nutritional Analysis System and uses the returned nutritional data, displaying it in the Oliver app. Key information is shared per serving size, based on the Canadian Food Guide: calories, carbohydrates, fat, protein. Additionally, Else Labs uses allergen and diet labels made from Edamam. Edamam data is key and very valuable to users when choosing a recipe for Oliver to cook.

“Oliver shows how the data produced by Edamam can be meaningfully used by both professional and home cooks. We believe that the smart kitchen space is on a growth trajectory and that recipes, food and data will be indispensable for all connected smart kitchen appliances,” added Viktor Penev, founder and CEO of Edamam.

Edamam’s API for nutrition analysis enables companies like Else Labs to analyze large numbers of recipes quickly and affordably. It produces a complete nutritional analysis, providing per-serving and recipe-level information on all macronutrients, micronutrients, applicable diets, allergens, and other relevant data points such as meal type, dish type, cuisine, glycemic index, and more. Companies using Edamam for nutritional data include The New York Times, Hearst, America’s Test Kitchen and The Food Network.

About Edamame
Edamam organizes the world’s food knowledge and provides nutrition data services and value-added solutions for the health, wellness and food businesses. Using a proprietary semantic technology platform, it provides real-time nutrition analysis and diet recommendations via API. Edamam’s technology helps customers answer for their customers the eternal question: “What should I eat?”
Edamam’s partners and clients include Nestle, Amazon, The Food Network, The New York Times, Microsoft and Barilla. For more information, please visit www.edamam.com or developer.edamam.com.

About Else Labs

Else Labs is building the future of autonomous cooking in every kitchen. Our goal is to drive innovation in food technology. We first invented Oliver by else, a robot chef that replicates stovetop cooking. After receiving so much interest from the trade industry, we introduced The Oliver Fleet. It is a kitchen solution that is multifunctional and compact, making your process smooth, efficient and streamlined. Our mission is to develop autonomous kitchen appliances using our patented technologies to give back time to people and culinary teams with consistent and high-quality meals.

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