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Published on December 9, 2023 |
by Charles Miambo

The topic of “women’s empowerment” has seen a steady rise in popularity over the past few decades. Although the ideologies and perceptions of “women empowerment” may differ from person to person, most people in the world generally like to see women flourish! Nowadays, perhaps one of the biggest supporters of “Women Empowerment” in the whole world is MDLBEAST. This world-famous conglomerate has a nearly 50:50 ratio of men to women! At its core, MDLBEAST is very inclusive and progressive. They truly value the presence and contribution of women just as they do men. MDLBEAST always strives to provide opportunities for women in music. In fact, this year they decided to launch HUNA initiative aimed at supporting women in the music business!

HUNNA – “Women in Music”

About – HUNNA

This relatively new initiative by MDLBEAST is dedicated to equipping and supporting women in music primarily in the Middle East and North Africa. Their main goal is to form a network for women in music that is conducive to growth and development. In addition, the HUNNA initiative will provide guidance for emerging music professionals in the region. They offer outstanding mentoring programs where they connect “emerging” music professionals with “established” music professionals.

HUNNA Host – “Tanya Awad”

This year they chose 4 lucky ladies to be guided by 4 main pillars namely; Music business, music production, music management and artistry. In addition to the 3-month mentoring program, they also offer “virtual listening circles” to bring the community together and touch on topics that relate to equity in the music industry. To top it all off, they hosted a gathering at XP Music Futures this weekend where they brought the mentors and mentees together for the first time (in person). This gave mentees the opportunity to present their assignments in person, while demonstrating the progress they had made individually and collectively.

Video summary (link)

HUNNA XP – Mentors and mentees

MDLBEAST Team: “We want to expand, elevate, promote and develop the best of the best in our region. We believe that everyone should have a platform to showcase and explore their talent

The 4 main mentees

Tamara Cabazard

Noura Alammary

Haya Al-Hejailan

Amal Waqar

“2023 XP Music Futures”




2023 XP Music Futures Site – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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