Every celebrity who has taken on the mantle of Ghostface in the ‘Scream’ franchise

A scary movie icon! While the original Scream premiered in 1996, many stars took on the role of Ghostface in the franchise’s many sequels. The masked killer who later became known as Ghostface first appeared in the inaugural slasher film. The first film follows Sydney Prescott, played by Neave Campbell, as she and her high school friends become the targets of a serial killer in their fictional hometown of Woodsboro. While the character was originally voiced by Roger L. Jackson, the voice actor is not the one behind the fictional murders. In Scream, Skeet Ulrich and Matthew Lillard’s characters – Billy Loomis and Stu Marcher, respectively – were revealed as the mass murderers. The pair planned the attacks to get revenge on the Prescott family after their mother had an affair with Billy’s father and planned to blame Sydney for the crimes. In the sequel, Sydney finds herself the target of a new Ghostface while attending college. This time, Billy’s mother, who is portrayed by Laurie Metcalf, seeks revenge for her son. She hires a man named Mickey (Timothy Olyphant) online to carry out the murders. In the first two horror films, Ghostface turned out to be several people. In the third film, however, only one person was revealed as the killer. Roman Bridger, who was played by Scott Foley, revealed that he is Sydney’s estranged half-brother who wants revenge on his sister after learning that she had a perfect childhood while he was given up for adoption by their mother. Ghostface went on to appear in the fourth film in the franchise. However, for the spinoff TV series, the iconic killer did not appear in the first two seasons. Instead, the killer was labeled the Lakewood Slasher and was unrelated to Ghostface. However, Ghostface made his television debut in the third season. In the finale, Tyga and Giorgia Whigham were announced as the killers. When the franchise rebooted in 2022, Ghostface no longer targeted Sidney’s friends and family. Instead, the focus shifted to Billy’s daughter Sam Carpenter (Melissa Barrera) and her half-sister Tara, played by Jenna Ortega. The sisters become targets due to their connection to the infamous killer in the fifth and sixth films. There were a total of four Ghostfaces in Scream VI, with one of the characters being slashed by another in the first few minutes of the film. Dermot Mulroney, who plays one of the killers in the film, revealed that he had no idea he would be playing the iconic character. “My agent told me, ‘Good news, we got a call from Scream VI, they want, they can’t tell you anything else, but they have to let you know you’re the bad guy,'” the Wedding Date actor recalled to Entertainment Weekly in March 2023 d. “It wasn’t called ‘Ghostface’ there; it was just “the bad one”. I didn’t even know how intensely people followed Ghostface.” He continued: Then I get parts of the script, but they fail to tell me what part I play. So I look for two things when I read the script, which part is me and who is in the script that will end up as Ghostface. So for a while I suspected I was going to play the psychologist, because Bailey was written so blandly that I thought it probably wasn’t my role; it’s just a passing detective. It goes to show you that the script itself is pretty genius in how they buried Bailey or made him incidental in the scenes. Then I get to the end and it’s Bailey! It was me all along!” Sign up for Us Weekly’s free daily newsletter and never miss breaking news or exclusive stories about your favorite celebrities, TV shows and more! Keep scrolling to see who Ghostface ends up being over the years:

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