Every Jacob Elordi movie so far, ranked

While Jacob Elordi debuted in a small role in the Australian film Swinging safari In 2018, the actor’s popularity rose when he starred in The kissing booth film series. However, it was not until Sam LevinsonHBO’s controversial teen hit drama show Euphoria it was clear that audiences were truly in awe of the star’s incredible talents (especially when playing toxic men).

Also, 2023 turned out to be a memorable year for the Australian actor with two acclaimed films – Salt burn and Priscillathe latter being a Priscilla Presley a biopic in which the actor steps into the shoes of a rock and roll star Elvis — comes out and is among the most anticipated. Considering how great a year 2023 has been for Elordi’s career, it makes sense to look back at the actor’s work thus far. This is Collider’s ranking of all Jacob Elordi films.

8 Series “The Kissing Booth” (2018 – 2021)

Director: Vince Marcello

Image via Netflix

Developed and released as Netflix Original Movies, The kissing booth franchise stars Joey King as a high school girl who has never been kissed and is forced to confront her secret crush (Elordi) in a kissing booth. The problem is, Noah is the older brother of Elle’s best friend, Lee (Joel Courtney). Predictably, this causes a lot of drama that unfolds throughout the three films.

Featuring a toxic teenage relationship and a Wattpad-like premise at its center, those swooning teen romance movies they are hardly enjoyable, even if they are likely to entertain younger audiences. They have received generally negative reviews from critics worldwide since their premiere and are far from Elordi’s best work. In fact, the actor seems to think so too, and even described the films as “ridiculous” (via USA Today ). Given the film’s weak script, the promising Elordi’s acting is nowhere near as remarkable as in other films down the line.

The kissing booth

Release date
May 11, 2018

Megan du Plessis, Lincoln Pearson, Caitlin de Abru, Jack Fokkens, Steven Jennings, Chloe Williams

Execution time

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7 Deep Water (2022)

Director: Adrian Lyne

Jacob Elordi looks up to Ben Affleck in Deep Water
Image via Hulu

Directed by Adrian Lyne, this erotic psychological thriller leaves a lot to be desired. The film centers around an odd couple (Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck) in the small town of Little Weasley. A husband who allows his wife to engage in extramarital affairs becomes the prime suspect in the disappearance of her lovers.

Based on the novel of the same name by Patricia Highsmith, Deep waters meditates on the dynamics of a loveless marriage as well as one of the twisted games between them. With a flawed script, the 2022 film isn’t engaging enough, nor is it remotely visually pleasing. Also, Elordi’s character, Charlie De Lille, is very passive, far from observant, and doesn’t add much to the film. Unfortunately, Deep waters not among the actor’s most interesting roles.

Deep waters

Release date

Execution time
1 hour 55 minutes

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6 “The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee’ (2020)

Director: Dean Murphy

Jacob Elordi smiles in The Very Excellent Mr.  Dundee
Image via transmission movies

in Very excellent Mr. Dundeeicon Paul Hogan has been thrust back into the spotlight as he tries to rebuild his reputation on the eve of receiving a knighthood for services to comedy.

While this Dean Murphy the comedy is good-natured and features great cameos, it’s disappointing and not a particularly funny self-parody. Very excellent Mr. Dundee attempts to satirize American celebrity culture and Hollywood but fails to provide the audience with a truly entertaining narrative. While it’s hardly the worst movie ever made, it ended up being a bit of a letdown for many (including critics, as it has an 18% Tomatometer score). Elordi plays the small role of an aerobics instructor and former movie star’s son in the film.

Very excellent Mr. Dundee

Release date
December 10, 2020

Execution time


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5 2 Hearts (2020)

Director: Lance Hull

Radha Mitchell and Jacob Elordi look at each other while having a conversation at 2 Hearts
Image via Freestyle Releasing

2 hearts depicts the relationship between two couples as it unfolds through different decades and locations. Their destinies are linked by an unpredictable hidden connection that will bring them together. The Lance Hull The film is based on a true story about how the non-profit organization Gregory House of Care was funded.

Hull’s film, which deals with themes of sacrifice and luck, can be described as an emotional and uplifting watch. However, technically speaking, it’s also flat and boring and not particularly great. With strong Hallmark movie sentiments, this morbid melodrama doesn’t live up to many expectations, and it is far from Elordi’s best role. However, this is not the actor’s weakest effort either.

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4 The Mortuary Collection (2019)

Director: Ryan Spindell

Jacob Elordi looks sick in The Mortuary Collection
Image via Dimension Home Video

A fun and creative horror anthology that is certainly among the best in the genre, The funerary collection is well executed and entertaining. This fantasy horror follows an eccentric gravedigger who recounts some of the macabre stories he came across during his illustrious career.

Ryan Spindellit’s atmospheric and eerie The funerary collection it undoubtedly is a great choice for the spooky season and among Elorid’s most enjoyable features. Not only does it feature good performances, namely from the star (who plays a frat boy named Jake), but it also presents viewers with a cleverly written and engaging premise with en pointe use of dark humor elements. Plus, viewers get to witness the talented actor enter the horror scene, something that fans surely hope the actor does again in the future.

The funerary collection

Release date
September 21, 2019

Execution time

Horror, fantasy

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3 Sweet East (2023)

Director: Sean Prince Williams

A close-up shot of Jacob Elordi in Sweet East.
Image via Utopia

It opens in limited theaters on December 1st The sweet east is a fascinating satire of American subcultures. Set in the cities and forests of the East Coast, the film centers on high school senior Lillian as she navigates a class trip to Washington, DC

It is visually pleasing and picturesque Sean Prince Williams the wild coming of age story is a charming and engaging film that is likely to provide viewers with a good time. Not only includes Elordi and The bear‘c Ayo Written (two of the most promising actors of their generation), but also introduces the audience to a new rising star, Talia Ryder, whose breakout performance is undeniably awesome, charming and adds a lot to the feature. Needless to say, its premise of self-discovery is also delightfully curious and, at times, even thrilling.

It’s currently playing in theaters

2 Saltburn (2023)

Director: Emerald Fennell

Jacob Elordi smiling for the camera in Saltburn
Image via Amazon Studios

From the director of A promising young woman, Salt burn is one of the most anticipated features of this year. The plot centers around a student at Oxford University (Oscar-nominated Barry Keoghan), who finds himself drawn to the world of an aristocratic classmate (Elordi). Eventually, he invites him to his eccentric family’s mansion for the summer.

Emerald FennellThe film is a fascinating watch that probably won’t appeal to everyone. With an “eat the rich” narrative as seen in many other movies like Triangle of sadness or The menu, this comedy thriller sends a provocative message to the upper classes and their grandeur. It is visually absorbing, featuring great cinematography that adds to its intense narrative. Although not a good choice for those who are “offended easily”, Salt burn features one of Elordi’s most memorable acting efforts.

Salt burn

Release date
November 17, 2023

Execution time
127 minutes

It’s currently playing in theaters

1 “Priscilla” (2023)

Director: Sofia Coppola

Jacob Elordi looks at Kaylee Spaeni and smiles at Priscilla
Image via A24

Sofia CoppolaThe latest directorial effort may not be the director’s best film to date, but it’s still an intriguing watch reflecting on the life of one of the most iconic female figures of the 1960s. with Kaylee Spaeny like Priscilla Beaulieu at its center, the 2023 film chronicles her first encounter with rock ‘n’ roll superstar Elvis Presley (perhaps Elordi’s best performance) and the birth of their special relationship.

Although Spaeni is clearly the real star of the film, Elordi’s flawless performance as Elvis—dare we say, an even finer portrayal of the icon than Austin Butler’s in Elvis — is combined with the efforts of the actress and helps elevate A24’s drama to even higher levels. The film may not be to everyone’s taste, but it certainly provides viewers with an important and compelling perspective on one of the most talked about relationships of all time, highlighting pertinent details that Elvis completely ignored. It also sheds poignant light on Priscilla’s lonely childhood and coming of age.


Release date
November 3, 2023

Execution time
113 minutes

Drama, Biography, Music

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