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  • The
    Fast and furious
    franchise is growing with upcoming sequels and standalone films in development thanks to the vision of Vin Diesel and Universal Studios. The franchise has already grossed over $7 billion worldwide.

  • A
    Fast and furious
    A Hobbs spinoff starring Dwayne Johnson and Jason Momoa is in development. It will serve as a continuation of
    Quickly X
    Hobbs and Shaw
    bridging the gap to
    Fast and Furious 11

  • Fast and Furious 11
    will continue the story from
    Quickly X
    and a Hobbs spinoff. It will be directed by Louis Leterrier and written by Christina Hodson and Oren Uziel. The release date is tentative, but is currently slated for April 4, 2025.

Fast and furious continues to grow from strength to strength and the universe is actively expanding, as evidenced by the number of upcoming sequels and spin-offs currently in development. He debuted with Fast and furious in 2001, this seemed like a standard series of street racing movies, but thanks to the vision of star Vin Diesel and the creators at Universal Studios, it became a huge franchise. the 11s Fast and furious movies, including the top 10 movies and spinoffs of 2019 Hobbs and Shaw, have impressively already grossed more than $7 billion worldwide. It’s no wonder, then, that the franchise continues to expand with sequels and spin-offs.

With the action getting more ridiculous and exciting than ever, the Fast and furious franchise refuses to leave. While Quickly X was originally advertised as the first entry in a two-part finale to the main series, it was subsequently rumored that Quickly XThe end of can be followed by two direct sequels to complete Dom’s main story. In addition to this, Vin Diesel has announced work on a number of other sequels and spinoffs, specifying that there will be some big announcements after the final main films. However, some details have now been released about what might appear in the five proposed spin-offs and sequels, as well as where those films are in various stages of development.

5 Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs

Shortly after the release of Quickly XDwayne Johnson confirmed that a Fast and furious A Hobbs spinoff was going to happen. Rumors about the title of the movie are Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Reyeswith the film confirming that Johnson will play Hobbs and Jason Momoa will reprise his role Quickly X villain Dante Reyes. However, it is unclear whether this film will replace the previously proposed one Hobbs and Shaw 2 movie, or is completely separate.

The standalone Hobbs spinoff will serve as a sequel to both Quickly X and Hobbs and Shawbridging the gap to the upcoming as-yet-untitled Fast and Furious 11. Although the film is still on hold due to the ongoing strikes, Chris Morgan is still confirmed to be writing alongside a substantial list of producers, including Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel. While the release date is still tentative, it’s expected to be released before 2025, when the next record is currently planned, and it certainly has a huge level of star power behind it to ensure this project comes to fruition. .

4 Fast and Furious 11

Fast Furious 11 movie beat Fast X image at the box office

Louis Leterrier, Director of Quickly Xas well as several other popular action and heist movies like Transporter and You see me nowwas announced to direct the eleventh entry in the main series in April 2023. Shortly thereafter, it was also announced that Christina Hodson, writer of the 2023 The lightning, and Oren Uziel will be the screenwriters of the project. This was also announced by Diesel Fast and Furious 11The release date will be in 2025. The official release date remains April 4, 2025, but this may change due to production being halted with ongoing strikes.

Fast and Furious 11 about to continue the story of Quickly X and Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Reyes, so what exactly will happen remains to be seen. The scene in the middle of the captions Quickly X shows Reyes contacting Shaw and announcing him as his next target, so it’s safe to assume that Hobbs and Reyes will follow the story of Agent Hobbs being forced into a cat-and-mouse game where he is the prey. The last scenes of Quickly X also left it unclear whether Dominic Toretto and his son survived the trap set for them by Reyes as they drove off the edge of a dam.

3 Fast and Furious 12

fastandfurious12_rumor killer

Fast and Furious 12 is the most predictable entry on this list, as it was only teased by franchise star Vin Diesel. However, Universal has yet to confirm whether Fast and Furious 12 happens or whether Quick 11 it will end the main series instead. In April 2023, Diesel commented that the studio was looking Quickly X and then asked if the finale could be made into three parts (via Diversity).

While this has not been confirmed by the studio itself, and no other names have been announced to be attached to the project, there is a possibility that the story will play out in a trilogy. However, it would be a challenge for Vin Diesel to complete Fast and Furious 12 in a satisfactory way, just in terms of the time it will take to finally tell the whole story. The gap between Quickly X and 11 is now two years without any delays; assuming the final entry came out a year or two later, the story might become too drawn out.

The story as it was at the end of Quickly X it already felt like a bigger movie cut in half thanks to the abrupt ending, so delaying the final ending until an even later sequel might sour fans and look more like a cash grab from the studio. Also, there is such a large pool of interesting characters and stories that can be told through a number of different spin-offs. Whether the franchise decides to follow stories from individual characters, agencies in the movies, or something else entirely, there’s plenty of room for them to explore the wider world without delaying the end of the main series.

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2 Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw 2

rock as Hobbs and Jason Statham as Shaw

After the release of Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbes and Shaw in 2019, Universal approved a sequel to be made starring Dwayne Johnson and began development with writer Chris Morgan agreeing to return for the project. However, the scale and ambition of the project, and Johnson’s vision to create something that would be “antithesis of Fast and Furious,” the film was postponed. Due to the global pandemic and strikes, Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw 2 the film has received little to no updates since then.

The confirmation of a standalone Hobbs spinoff could also mean that a direct sequel is no longer expected, but Shaw could also appear in an upcoming project and lead to a spinoff sequel for Johnson and Statham. Otherwise, Johnson could end up starring in a solo spin-off series that focuses on the adventures and cases of Deckard Hobbes and could see cameos from others in the franchise. There are no official comments to declare Hobbs and Shaw the sequel could also mean that this project will eventually move forward, but is currently pushed to the back of the line with other projects taking priority.

1 Fast and Furious all-female spinoff


One such example of a spinoff already announced and confirmed to be in development is led by a woman Fast and furious spinoff In 2019, it was confirmed that Nicole Perlman, Lindsay Beer and Geneva Robertson-Dure will be writing the project. Perlman was one of the authors of the guardians of the galaxy and also worked with Robertson-Duoret on Captain Marvel, while Beer wrote and directed 2023. Pet Sematary: Bloodlines movie.

Looking at their work, it’s hard to tell what exactly could be included in this spinoff, other than strong female leads, but Fast and furious franchise has a wealth of amazing female characters that can make this something special. No doubt with the immense love and support for this franchise, additional spinoffs are being considered, as Diesel mentioned in 2015 (via Diversity). Still, it may be a while before more announcements are made about franchise branches.

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