EXCITER Will “Eventually” Release New Music

In a new interview with Mark Kadzielawa of 69 Faces Of Rock, drummer/vocalist And Beeler of Canadian thrash metal pioneers EXCITING talks about leaving in 2018 John Ritchie. The guitarist has since been replaced by Daniel Decaywho previously played with DIAMONDS. Asked how he gets along with Richie originated nearly a decade ago, And said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “What caused it was the battle between John and his group members. Then the members of his group tried to leave with the name, and then I and Al [bassist Allan Johnson] said, “I don’t think so.” So I went to John and I said, “Look, do you want to collect it?” And he said, “Yeah, okay.” And that was 2014. So we went on five years with John. And after the fifth year it was the exact mirror image of 1985. John he was walking, accusing me, blah, blah, blah. ‘See you soon.’ It was just the way it was [more than three decades earlier]. It’s like, ‘Oh, we’re going to give up? No, I don’t think so. We have Daniel Decayand here we are five years later.”

Regarding how he and Alan found Daniel, And said, “I knew Daniel forever. I know his family. I know his father. He knows my daughter. I used to see his bands around town when he was younger and stuff. And when he heard there was an opening, he called me from Toronto and that was it. So we never tried anyone. A whole bunch of people submitted stuff, and thank you very much, but we never got around to going to the list. As soon as he caught us, me and Al simply said, “He’s the man.” And after the first rehearsal he played the whole set. So that was it. He was in and there was no turning back.”

Asked what Daniel leads to EXCITING, And said: “Everything. He runs us, does all the business, holds all our things together. No way Al and I could do all that. It’s just tremendous what he’s done with it. We’ve gone to a whole different level in the last five years and we continue to go to another level because of him, what he does off stage. And it doesn’t matter what he does on stage. You know what I mean? it’s crazy. For us, this is the best guitar player we’ve ever had, and we don’t want to play with anyone else.”

As for the possibility of new music from EXCITING, Beeler said: “After all [there will be]. yes That’s another story. It took a long time. After five years of John Ritchie, we realized that we can no longer write with him. We had one song after five years. And so now we are slowly parting ways with him. Eventually there will be new music.”

Already in August 2022. Decay told Metal Crypt about the progress of the songwriting sessions for EXCITINGthe long-awaited new album of. He said: “I think we hit a good streak of writing and demoing before the pandemic and then the pandemic hit. Al, And and I live in different provinces in Ontario and Quebec in Canada. There was a ban on travel between provinces. Old-school heavy metal sometimes means old-school mentality, which means not fully embracing technology. To write music and record music, we have to be in the same room. The pandemic really stopped us getting together to work on music very quickly. By the time we got back together in the same room, it was time to get back to working on a live set.”

He continued: “There are a handful of songs that are in various stages of completion. Some are already done with vocals and solos, some don’t have leads, some don’t have vocals at all. There are songs in all kinds of different stages. Furthermore, And Beeler has a million song ideas in his brain and Al Johnson he has a million song ideas in his brain.

“The intention is still to put out a full-length album and give the fans what they want,” Daniel added. “Even in my contribution, I like to do EXCITING my own in the style I play Johnthe songs of and the style I perform Brian McPhee‘c [former EXCITER guitarist] songs. I’m trying to make it my own, but at the end of the day, for a new record, I want my influence to be felt, but I want it to be true EXCITING for the old-school fans, because they deserve it, and the intention is still to release a full-length album. I just don’t have a timeline anymore and we have to get through these live shows first. Then we can get together. We do it the old fashioned way. We love being in the same room.”

When asked who was responsible for most of the songwriting for the new one EXCITING material, Daniel said: “And and Al completely. And and Al get together and make up songs. Incredible. And Beeler is a drummer who doesn’t play guitar but will hum you riffs. He’s humming a riff. He’s like, “Yeah, I want part of the picking to sound like, [humming a rhythm] I’m like, “Okay.” You frame it this way. That’s very old school, man. It is very cool. And and Al telling me that’s how they wrote songs in the 80s. Someone will come into the room with an idea or And will have an idea and hum it, and John would play it on guitar, or Andhis brother, Richardwas the fourth member of the EXCITING. He would help with songwriting and song titles, lyric ideas and all sorts of other things. It’s always been a great collaborative effort. And and Al really, they get together and bless their souls, man, they get together and come up with some crazy cool ideas. Then they send me their ideas that they recorded together in the jam space and I add them from there. It’s a really cool collaborative process, but they’re definitely mostly songwriters. They know what they want and I’m happy to facilitate their vision however I can.”

About a possible new tag start for EXCITING, Daniel said, “Yeah, there’s three labels emailing me every week asking when I’ll have a record to send them. I don’t know which of the three labels we will end up with. It will be the fourth label. Yes, there is significant interest. Literally every week someone from a label asks me if I already have a record for them. They are ready to make offers without even hearing a song. It’s beautifully funny. Yes, there is a lot of interest. I’m sure we’ll find a great home for the album. We will choose as we see fit.”

Richie previously left EXCITING in 1985 after the release of the band’s first three classic albums – “Heavy Metal Maniac” (1983),“Violence and Power” (1984) and “Long Live the Loud” (1985).

EXCITINGthe last album of “Death Machine”which included Richie as the only remaining original member, was released in October 2010 via Records of the massacre.

Richie, Beeler and Johnson reunited as EXCITING in 2014 and had sporadic gigs for four years before that Johnthe last exit from the group.

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