Fans are shocked to learn that these celebrities have a cameo in Disney’s Bluey

of Disney Bluey has become one of the most successful shows for preschoolers and toddlers in the history of children’s programming. The series follows the family life story of the Healers family – Bluey, a blue Healer, her sister Bingo, a red Healer puppy and their parents, Chili and Bandit.

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Many parents of children who are watching Bluey say they love the show as much as their kids, and some who don’t even have kids admit to having an affinity for the show. Perhaps one of the reasons it’s loved so much is its use of cameo celebrity voices in some of its episodes – many of which fans may not have even realized were celebrities in the first place.

Here are just some of the cameo celebrity voices that fans can hear when watching episodes Bluey on Disney+, Disney Channel and Disney Junior.

Natalie Portman

Oscar winner and Disney actress Natalie Portman joined Bluey in the Season 3 episode titled “Whale Watching” (episode number 22). Fans never see the character portrayed by Portman. That’s because the actress lent her voice to the narrator of a whale documentary watched by Bluey and her younger sister Bingo. During the documentary, Bluey and Bingo try to get their parents to play with them while pretending to watch whales.

blue mama whale

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At first, Chile doesn’t feel like a whale being watched. But eventually she comes around to the idea after not feeling so well, and she embodies the whale beautifully.

Rose Byrne as Aunt Brandy

Actress Rose Byrne voiced the Bluey’s Aunt Brandy in one of the show’s most emotional episodes of all time.

Bluey's theory about Aunt Brandy's infertility goes viral

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According to ScreenRant:

“Rose Byrne appeared in one of the most emotional and well-received episodes of Bluey. Season 3, Episode 31, “Onesies,” introduced audiences to Chili’s sister, Brandy. In the episode, Bluey asks her mom why Brandi is sad, as well as why she and her sister have only met her once before. Chile shares that “there’s something aunt brandy also wants more than anything but can’t get it and there’s really nothing anyone can do.” This line, coupled with the fact that Brandi was visibly uncomfortable around her nephews, has been widely interpreted to mean that Brandi was dealing with infertility.

Megan Washington as Calypso

Megan Washington is a talented musician and singer in Australia.

Bluey Season 1 Episode 17 |  Calypso

Credit: Disney

She is credited with lending her unique voice to an Australian Shepherd named Calypso in 14 different episodes of Bluey. Of all the celebrities who have lent their voices to characters on the show, Washington has lent her voice the most times. Calypso plays a major role in the children’s series as she is one of the children at Bluey’s school. In the episodes that feature her, Calypso is often seen sharing life lessons with others.

Eva Mendes as a yoga instructor

Actress Eva Mendes also lent her voice to Bluey children’s series.

blueyoga instructor

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ScreenRant also reports that Eva Mendes’ family loves watching Bluey and her family, and Mendes also shared her voice with fans of Bluey:

“After American actress Eva Mendes shared with Now to love that it’s her daughters favorite show and that she can’t get enough of it, it’s no surprise that Bluey’s producers found a way for her to get in on the action. Mendes plays an energetic yoga instructor that Chili watches and follows on TV before being interrupted by Bluey and Bingo. This happens in season 3, episode 6, “Born Yesterday.”

Lin-Manuel Miranda as Major Tom

Lin-Manuel Miranda lends his voice in one of the funniest episodes of Bluey as the unforgettable Major Tom. In the Season 3 episode called “Stories”, one of Bluey’s friends is disturbed while she is making a beeswax horse figure, but it looks like she made a cow.

The cartoon where it happens: Lin-Manuel Miranda guest stars as a horse in new episode of Bluey |  Bluey |  The Guardian

Bluey’s friend decides to greet the horse that lives next door named Major Tom. He teaches Bluey’s friend that horses have long necks, not short ones, and that old Macdonald actually does I have a horse, but the horse was on vacation when the song and the book about Old Macdonald were written.

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