Fast Life Academy hits a milestone by helping 100 members set up a dropshipping business

Fast Life Academy hits a milestone by helping 100 members set up a dropshipping business

Fast Life Academy, a leading e-commerce training and mentoring provider based in Dubai, announced today that it has helped 100 members create lifestyle businesses that they are now free to run from anywhere in the world.

Greg Fast – founder of Fast Life Academy, parked in a 2022 Lamborghini STO.

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They offer a comprehensive program that includes everything from product selection, securing suppliers, creating an online store and marketing products to generate sales.

“We are thrilled to have achieved this milestone. When the academy was built, it was designed to help people achieve their financial freedom goals, and it’s amazing to see so many of our members doing this while traveling the world and enjoying life. We are proud to have played a part in their success,” said Greg Fast, founder of Fast Life Academy.

One of the key benefits of the model that Fast Life Academy teaches is that they don’t just sell very cheap, low quality products at a low price. This is the old way of doing it. They teach the new way, which is by focusing on building a real long-term brand around selling premium, high-priced, high-quality products. This allows their members to attract customers who are happy to pay more for quality, allowing them to sell products with much higher profit margins.

Another benefit is that they define the steps so that members can offer next day delivery, which is a key driver of building brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. This helps their members keep their customers happy and generate large amounts of repeat business.

However, it would be foolish to rely solely on customer satisfaction to drive growth. What is unique about this program is the marketing strategy to attract customers in the first place. Fast Life Academy includes things like TikTok, paid search traffic, and even ChatGPT. “We use things like paid search traffic to attract customers who are actually already looking for what we offer. We find it’s much better than throwing a lot of money at Facebook/Instagram ads and showing your ad to thousands of people who aren’t necessarily looking for what you’re selling. Doing it this way allows our members to get much more targeted traffic to their store that is ready to buy,” said Greg Fast.

In addition to a comprehensive program, Fast Life Academy also offers direct access to high-level business relationships in the e-commerce space to help scale and grow. They also provide a private members group where members can network, share ideas and grow together.

But what really sets Fast Life Academy apart is the 1-on-1 expert mentorship they offer their members for life. “We believe that everyone’s journey is unique and so is their business. That’s why we offer lifelong 1-on-1 expert mentoring. This allows our members to get personalized guidance and support when they need it,” said Greg Fast.

Fast Life Academy is committed to helping as many people as possible who want to achieve their dreams of financial freedom through e-commerce. They constantly update their program with the latest techniques and provide the best possible support.


Fast Life Academy is a leading provider of eCommerce training and mentoring. Their mission is to empower people to take control of their financial future by creating powerful dropshipping brands that can be managed from anywhere in the world.

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