First Stage’s upbeat “Three Little Birds” gets the kids moving to reggae

In the new show at First Stage, young Ziggy is afraid to go outside. (After the last few years, can you blame him?) Fortunately, he has “Three Little Birds” to remind him that Jamaica is full of adventure as well as danger.

This upbeat musical for ages 3 and up is based on reggae giant Bob Marley’s tender song and a related children’s book by his daughter Cedella. Michael J. Bobbitt adapted the story for the stage.

Children’s roles in the first stage are dual. I saw a Saturday performance by the Jamaican Owl cast.

Ziggy (Rhys Davies) would rather stay inside and watch TV, but mother Cedella (aged actor Cynthia Cobb) makes him go outside, despite his fears of hurricanes and an encounter with a fool, an evil trickster. Encouraged by his pet Dr. Bird (Ogunde Tremaine), Ziggy sets out with his friend and would-be crush Nancy (Amira Mohammed) — whose name is a cute riff on Anansi, the African trickster spider.

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