Fitness freak Jennifer Lopez reportedly started fight with Ben Affleck over junk food obsession after he stopped at McDonald’s 4 times in one month

Jennifer Lopez is known for maintaining her physical and mental health. At 54, she still looks as fit as ever and is energetic through her concert and film performances. She believes that in order to be happy and satisfied with life, one must eat healthy and be physically fit. She and her husband Ben Affleck are regularly in the news with fans filming their various outings together as a couple, while observing their chemistry and behavior while together.

Jennifer Lopez

There are various rumors floating around the internet that the two are in a constant battle with each other, and recent photos of Affleck cozying up to his ex Jennifer Garner have added fuel to the discourse that Lopez is not happy with the whole scenario. Now it seems that Lopez is upset with Affleck’s obsession with junk food and McDonald’s.

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Jennifer Lopez is said to be upset with Ben Affleck’s obsession with junk food

Jennifer Lopez and her husband Ben Affleck
Jennifer Lopez and her husband Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez, as an avid advocate of physical fitness and health, does not consume much junk food and prefers to maintain a balanced diet. Her husband Ben Affleck, on the other hand, is a big foodie and also recently did a commercial for Dunkin’s. In a series of photos published by, the pair can be seen picking up food from McDonald’s, which was their fourth visit in over a month.

In the photos, Lopez looks upset and depressed, while Affleck is seen buying snacks from the restaurant. This has led some fans to speculate that the actress and singer is unhappy with her husband’s unhealthy diet and his obsession with McDonald’s. Affleck’s eating habits are in stark contrast to Lopez’s, and this may have angered the actress.

These are all rumors and speculations from fans and the general public. Speculation about the couple’s relationship status has been questioned by many after some photos went viral where Affleck and his ex Jennifer Garner were seen having a bit of an intimate moment together (via Page Six ). In reality, there may not be any quarrel between the couple and it may all be unwanted media and public hype.

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Jennifer Lopez says Ben Affleck loves her just the way she is

Ben Affleck came out to support Jennifer Lopez's film Marry Me
Ben Affleck came out to support Jennifer Lopez’s film Marry Me

Jennifer Lopez recently partnered with Italian clothing label Intimissimi to produce her own lingerie collection, which she calls This is me now collection. In an interview with Elle, she talked about her new venture and how her husband adores her for who she is. She said,

“The This Is Me…Now experience is about a journey to self-understanding and I tried to reflect that in the design of the collection. The hummingbird symbolizes love, energy, and endurance, but whenever I see it, I always feel like it’s a sign from God that everything is going to be okay.

I was thinking of layering this over some of the items and wearing it everyday under my clothes, it will be a reminder to always know that everything will turn out great. He loves me just the way I am, and the more authentic I can be to myself, I’ve noticed, the more I feel his love.”

Lopez recently appeared on Netflix The mother which received decent reviews from critics and audiences. She will star in the upcoming sci-fi thriller Atlas, along with Simu Liu, Sterling K. Brown, Ricky Guillart, Lana Parrilla and Abraham Popoola. She will also lead the sports drama Unstoppable which was produced by her husband under his Artists Equity banner.

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