Fitness model Ali Lee drops jaws in see-through lingerie

Fitness model Ali Lee is known for posting some pretty edgy photos, but these latest photos really turn heads!

The social media sensation embraced her inner ‘Star Child’ as she posed in see-through lingerie that featured a black star on either side of her bra top to protect the photo from sensitive Instagram filters!

Fitness model Ali Lee doesn’t leave much to the imagination in see-through underwear!

Ali Lee poses in see-through underwear
Instagram | Ali Lee

In her latest Instagram post, the social media sensation showed off as she posed in see-through underwear. The three-piece lingerie set consisted of a bra with sheer cups and black stars covering the part of her chest that would have tripped up Instagram filters.

The matching brown garter belt was also sheer, allowing fans to check out the definition of her toned stomach. The matching bikini perfectly complemented her sun-kissed skin as she posed for the photo on a plush white couch with her legs spread wide.

Ali Lee poses in see-through underwear
Instagram | Ali Lee

In the caption, Ali wrote: “Star kid… through and through… I don’t really believeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee in reality… just playing for fun. The only way to manifest EXACTLY the dreams you feel in your heart is to vibrationally align yourself with that reality. What is yours is, was, and always will be yours. A universal law. Trust that—and ride the wave, love. Also, Einstein was a Pisces. Just saying.”

Fans couldn’t get enough of her stunning pictures. “You are the night sky…” one fan commented. “Starshine…I love that,” Ali replied. “Still THE GOAT,” exclaimed another follower, to which Ali replied that she was “totally humbled.” A third fan commented: “That Latino look just kills me…” Ali responded: “Actually I’m Native American, but I feel you.”

Ali demonstrates his “energy” in yet another stunning form

Ali Lee poses in black lingerie
Instagram | Ali Lee

In another Instagram post, the popular model showed off as she posed in a see-through black shirt that revealed she was wearing a black bra underneath. She paired the top with a tight-fitting sheer black skirt that also left a little to the imagination. She hooked her thumb into the hem of her skirt and pulled it down slightly to reveal the definition of her toned stomach.

Ali accessorized the outfit with a gold chain hanging around her neck as well as silver earrings. She had silver studs in her ears along with dangling earrings that were visible beneath the waves of her brown hair as she smoldered for the shot.

Ali Lee poses in black lingerie
Instagram | Ali Lee

In the caption, Ali wrote: “Amber is the color of your energy… 311 energy BC. 3/11 is my birthday and that’s all I can stay hyped for AF.” She also tagged @kopalpffphoto for helping her capture the stunning photoshoot as fans and famous friends showered the post with fire and heart emojis .

“I like the look my friend, you are just a whole new level atmosphere and planet. I always do my best to match your energy and I enjoy following in the footsteps,” one fan exclaimed. “Day by day, my friend. Stay conscious and aligned with the light,” replied Ali. “Most amazing beauty/body on IG WOW,” chimed in another follower, to which Ali replied, “Soooo humbled.”

Ali Lee turns heads in her butterfly bikini!

In another Instagram post, Ali put on a sultry display to the tune of ‘Tequila’ featuring Jax Jones, Martin Solveig, RAYE and Europa. In the video, she sits on a plush white couch with her legs spread as she smolders in a bikini printed to look like the wings of a monarch butterfly

She wears colorful heels as she flips her hair around in the video, but still sports dangling silver earrings along with a handful of colorful bracelets. In the caption, Ali wrote: “Friday night mood. Nothing more. Nothing less.” She also tagged @zabumutua and @boundlesssssssssss for the photo shoot.

Ali Lee poses in a butterfly bikini
Instagram | Ali Lee

“Nothing more…than one of the world’s most amazing natural wonders…” exclaimed one fan, but Ali told them they were being “too kind” with their praise! “You are. A. Beautiful. Woman,” another follower commented. “Be blessed,” replied Ali, to which the fan replied, “Thank you so much for sharing your beauty with the world!”

With so many exciting photos and videos on her page, fans can’t wait to see what Ali Lee posts next!

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