Flash Pack raises $6.2 million to promote meaningful friendships through travel

Flash Pack, known for its tailor-made boutique trips for solo travelers in their 30s and 40s, has successfully closed a $6.2 million funding round. This investment, led by JamJar Investments and backed by existing investor PPF, is designed to fuel Flash Pack’s ambitious mission: to create one million meaningful friendships through travel.

The US market: a key driver of growth

Driven by a deep need for connection and the pervasive epidemic of loneliness, the United States has become Flash Pack’s fastest growing market.

An impressive 60% of the company’s total travel sales now originate from enthusiastic US travelers.

Resurgence after the pandemic

The recent influx of capital comes almost three years to the day since the company faced the brink of bankruptcy during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Created by founder and CEO Radha Vyas, Flash Pack underwent a remarkable rebirth in 2021.

Rada’s vision was simple yet profound: to create a million friendships by meticulously nurturing meaningful connections and perfecting group dynamics on every single trip.

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“Over the past two years since relaunching the brand, we’ve seen a huge appetite from customers to build meaningful connections through travel.

Solo travel has rapidly grown in popularity as people look to catch up on lost time and expand their horizons, and a recent investment shows the value and opportunity in this growing trend.

We are extremely excited to continue our success in the US market, creating even more friendships in the process.” – Radha Vyas, CEO and co-founder of Flash Pack

Radha Vyas, CEO and co-founder of Flash Pack

Scaling for the future

Since its revival, Flash Pack has grown to a team of 65 employees worldwide. Now, with the infusion of new funds, the company plans to triple its workforce in the United States over the next six months.

These strategic hires will focus on enhancing the company’s technology capabilities and further establishing its presence in the US market.

“At JamJar, we’re on a mission to invest in and help grow early-stage consumer businesses that are using technology to disrupt their categories and make a positive impact on the world.

Flash Pack is not just revolutionizing the way people travel, but also how we interact with each other. Investors need to do more to fund businesses founded by women, especially women of color.

Under Radha’s leadership, Flash Pack avoided the fate of the pandemic and came out better than ever, so we have high hopes for what they will achieve in the next three years.” – Richard Reed, co-founder of JamJar Investments

Richard Reed, co-founder of JamJar Investments

An inspiring journey for female founders

In an environment where women founders received only 2% of all venture capital funding in 2022, Radha Vyas stands as one of a select few South Asian women founders who have secured significant investment at this stage of their business.

This remarkable achievement reflects not only Rada’s vision, but also her dedication to reshaping the adventure travel industry.

About Flash Pack

Redefining group tours since its inception in 2014, Flash Pack is an adventure travel company that specializes in curating boutique trips tailored for solo travelers in their 30s and 40s.

Each Flash Pack adventure is meticulously designed to include experiences that are often challenging to organize on your own or too expensive to undertake on your own.

The brand’s main focus is on cultivating the best group dynamics, bringing together like-minded people who share the same stage of life.



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