Flash’s experimental new status quo shines through in Trippy’s official art


  • The Flash #6 variant cover perfectly captures the fun and quirky mood of the current era.
  • The fastest man alive continues to navigate the unknown and complex parts of the DCU.
  • The current Flash run is experimental and innovative, exploring wild layers of reality and introducing strange space creatures.

Nothing says more about the strange era Lightning is currently experiencing a great new cover piece. The latest batch of offerings from DC Comics has given fans a sneak peek at what’s to come next February, including variant covers. The alternate cover of Flash #6 perfectly captures the fun yet incredibly weird vibe of the title.

In February, the DC Universe returns to normal after surpassing the epic “Beast World” crossover. Unfortunately for the fastest man alive, The lightning continues to follow Wally West as the strange unknown parts of the DCU continue to complicate his life. Option for Flash #6 by James Stokoe sums up the strange adventures the Scarlet Speedster has been on lately. The alternate cover shows the Flash running on fragmented colored tiles as the space explorers of immobility and the terrifying monster Uncoiled surrounds him. There is also a field of eyeballs in the background, anxiously looking in every direction.

  • Flash #6
  • Release date: 2/27/24
  • Screenwriter: Si Spurrier
  • Artist: Mike Deodato, Jr. and Trish Mulvihill
  • Cover artist: Mike Deodato, Jr. and Trish Mulvihill
  • Variant Cover Artists: Mike Deodator, Jr., James Stokoe, and Matt Taylor
  • Summary: After last issue’s shocking ending, Wally West’s world is completely turned upside down – and as he literally puts the pieces together, The Stillness’s attempts to reach out to a higher power are answered. Lace up your boots as the first arc of the critically acclaimed new era for the Scarlet Speedster comes to a close!

The Flash variant cover captures the strangest era in DC history

Flash Spooky Layer DC

During the Dawn of DC initiative, the publisher gave The lightning a fresh start with a brand new creative team. This new era of Wally West’s life began in Flash #800, which saw the Flash develop a new dimension-shifting power after crashing through an atomic mirror. Current Lightning the title describes how this affected Wally. He not only passes into different layers of reality but he discovers new cosmic entities all around him. Some are seemingly well-intentioned, like the giant collective The Silence. Others are terrifying killers, like the twisted and dangerous-looking Uncoiled.

While there have only been a few issues, it’s clear that the current run of Flash is one of the most experimental it’s been in a while. Sure, there’s the standard superhero, like Wally, who goes up against his usual enemies like Gorilla Grodd. But the title made Wally experience sights and feelings he’d never seen before. He’s seen villains who can slip in and out of reality like it’s nothing, and explorers who defy understanding. While the newest era is just beginning to spread its wings, it already has several unusual factors that help cement its identity. Stokoe’s variant is the perfect representation of what this new saga is building up to.

The Lightning is in its most daring, experimental era yet

Flash works with DC

It’s still early in this new chapter of the Scarlet Speedster’s story, but it’s undeniably innovative so far. Between giving the Flash a power that allows him to explore wild, unseen layers of reality and giving him weird space allies and enemies, there’s a lot of originality to be found. Stokoe’s version only gives a glimpse of what readers can expect from the present Lightning run, but it does a fantastic job of setting the stage. Any curious readers wondering if they should look at the present Lightning title you only have to look at the amazing cover art by James Stokoe.

Flash #6 will be available from DC Comics on February 27, 2024.

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