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Gauguin and PolynesiaNicholas Thomas, Head of Zeus, £40 (hb)

The 19th-century French painter Paul Gauguin, famous for having sexual relations with Tahitian teenage girls, is today a sensitive subject for a book. Nicholas Thomas, the director of the Museum of Archeology and Anthropology at the University of Cambridge, provides another view of the artist. Thomas’s account is “a reappraisal of one of the most controversial post-impressionist artists, examining his work in the context of the Polynesian islands where much of it was created,” said a statement from the publisher, which emphasized that the author’s aim was to give Pacific perspectives on Gauguin’s life and legacy.

Artists’ Things: Rediscovering Lost Objects from Eighteenth-Century France, Katie Scott and Hannah Williams, Getty Publications, 374 pp, £50 (pb)

Authors Katie Scott and Hannah Williams reveal a new aspect of the artists’ lives, illuminating their lives and art through their personal possessions. Themes of production, consumption and sociality are explored through, for example, Jean-Simeon Chardin’s cistern featured in his 1733 painting.Copper drinking fountain and Jean-Honoré Fragonard’s Color Box. “From the curious to the mundane, from the useful to the symbolic, these items have one thing in common: they have all been overshadowed by historical perspective,” the publisher’s statement said.

Mamma Andersson: SleeplessCarl Uwe Knausgaard (Contributor), David Zwirner Books, 72pp, £38 (hb)

Swedish artist Mama Andersson draws on a wide range of sources for her practice, from art history to film images and theater sets, as well as the rugged topography of northern Sweden. This collection explores how Andershon presents masks, statues and figurines. “While recalling the classic genres of still life, landscape and interior, this work, painted in 2021 and 2022, blends our sense of the past, present and future,” the publisher said in a statement. A text by renowned Norwegian writer Karl Uwe Knausgaard “examines the history and evolution of the human desire to depict our surroundings” through Andersson’s art.

Now you see me! An introduction to 100 years of black designCharlene Prempeh, Prestel, 200 pp, £24.99 (hb, published in USA)

Writer Charlene Prempeh’s research into the pioneers of black design was prompted by her discovery of Anne Lowe, a black dress designer who created Jacqueline Kennedy’s wedding dress. “Setting out on a journey to bring context, perspective, and visibility to Lowe’s experiences, Prempeh developed this book with the catalyzing urge: If we don’t know about Anne Lowe, then what else do we not know?” a publisher said in a statement. Organized into sections on fashion, architecture and graphic design, the publication features figures such as British artist Samuel Ross and designer Emmett McBain, who created the Marlboro Black Man.

How to collect art by Magnus Resch, with an introduction by Pamela J. Joyner

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How to collect artMagnus Resch, Phaidon, 232 pp, £24.95 (hb)

Entrepreneur Magnus Resch offers advice in this handy volume, described as “the definitive guide to the art market and collecting in the twenty-first century.” Chapters cover topics such as “Navigating the art market – data, players, power structures” and “Auction houses – getting the best deals without overpaying”. Collector Pamela Joyner discusses her collecting experience in the introduction, saying, “One of Magnus’ key ideas is the notion of ‘responsible buying’: instead of investing in art to maximize your return, you support the artists and their community. I subscribe to that idea.”

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