From pregnancy-safe retinol to cardio dance-approved sneakers

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Megan Rupp, celebrity trainer and founder of The Sculpt Society (TSS), doesn’t let pregnancy slow down her workouts. Now on her second pregnancy, Roup is still teaching classes and filming tons of content for streaming platform TSS, and will even be teaching a class at POPSUGAR Play/Ground in LA on June 1st (get your tickets here!).

“I was working out until, like, the day before I had Harlow,” Rupp tells POPSUGAR about her first pregnancy with her daughter, who turns 2 on June 2. “It was such a no-brainer for me. health is much better after I exercise, but especially when I’m pregnant. It’s so valuable to me to get some movement, even if it’s like a short 10-minute workout.”

Because movement has always been so important to her, Roup, a former professional dancer, is dedicated to ensuring her platform offers fitness opportunities that meet people right where they are at every moment in life. For example, TSS has a robust pre- and postnatal program, a beginner program, an advanced program, and a recently launched bridal program.

“We’ve had so many brides come through The Sculpt Society over the years and I really wanted to put something together that had the same ethos as what TSS is – which really embraces our bodies, loves them and you don’t need to change them – really leaning into the feel, not so much the dietary-cultural noise that comes with being a bride,” she says.

“I know what it’s like. I lived through it in 2020,” she continues. “I really wanted to put together a very positive program that helped my community have the tools to feel confident in their own skin and have conversations about body confidence, self-love and [asking], how can we make this somewhat stressful time a little more positive? How can we ease the pressure to “split for the wedding”? How can we look like ourselves on our wedding day, but also feel really confident?”

TSS workouts—which you can try for yourself with a seven-day free trial and unlimited access for $20 a month or $180 a year—are a mix of sculpting and dance cardio, and are focused on empowerment rather than aesthetic change. And this method has earned Roup an impressive list of celebrity fans, from Miranda Kerr and Shanina Shaik to Shay Mitchell.

Roup’s also amassed hundreds of thousands of followers on her Instagram, where she shares plenty of fitness tips as well as related content about overcoming the influence of diet culture and the precious struggles of motherhood. Like many of the most popular personalities on social media, Roup is dedicated to keeping it real and shining a light on things we don’t always talk about. Currently, that includes her love-hate relationship with pregnancy.

“I’m just one of those women who is super grateful to be pregnant, but at the same time, I just don’t like being pregnant,” she says. “It is [the same as] what I experienced with my first pregnancy. I think unfortunately not enough women are speaking up no to enjoy it and the fact that it’s okay if you don’t enjoy it. You might be super grateful to be pregnant and excited to have a baby, but just not like the experience. I’m trying to embrace it a little bit more and all the changes that are happening, but it’s a lot.”

Some of the things that help her resist these changes? These five products—including maternity workout wear, a pregnancy-safe alternative to retinol, and supportive sneakers that make cardio dancing easy, even with a belly. Read on for Roup’s must-haves and consider joining her for POPSUGAR Play/Ground on June 1; get your tickets here.

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