Frontier is launching a new unlimited flight pass for the summer

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A few months ago, Frontier Airlines shared details about the GoWild! Pass, an annual subscription to travel within the United States for only $599. And now the low-cost carrier has just announced a new GoWild! Summer pass.

Frontier shared the details of the new promotion in a press release Tuesday. The summer card will offer customers the opportunity to use an unlimited number of flights to national and international destinations from May 2 to September 30 this year. For a limited time, all you can fly GoWild! The Summer Pass is only $399 per person.

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American travelers interested in this special ticket can purchase the card, log into their FRONTIER Miles account, find the best flight on the carrier’s website, book and fly. But where’s the catch? There are a few things travelers should understand before purchasing this attractive pass.

What travelers need to know about GoWild! Summer pass

Paying for just one ticket and getting an unlimited number of flights — domestic and international — is every traveler’s dream. Frontier may not have the most comfortable seats or full service, but it has great travel options and promotions for budget-conscious travelers.

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Here’s what travelers need to know about GoWild! Summer pass:

  • This is for travelers with very flexible schedules: Domestic flights must be booked and confirmed day before departure. For international flights, customers can book up to 10 days in advance.
  • The special low price is temporary: Frontier specified that the introductory price of $399 will be temporarily available on a first-come, first-served basis and can be purchased on the official website. Retail and renewal cost is $999.
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  • The pass has a time frame: summer pass holders can use the service to book flights between May 2 and September 30. Options are subject to availability and blackout dates apply.
  • Only the seat is included: Those who find a great travel itinerary and seat availability should note that baggage is not included and will be charged a price of $0.01 per flight booked. Travel with this promotion will not allow passengers to earn miles or frequent flyer status.
  • The pass is automatically renewed: Those who want to use the card only in 2023 must cancel the subscription before the last day of travel.
  • The pass is non-transferable: only the cardholder can travel with this special summer card.
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Travelers who want to know more about this ticket and get all the details can visit the terms and conditions page and read the GoWild! section. It’s important to understand what’s at stake, especially considering Frontier eliminated phone support a few months ago and customer support is limited to chat, email, or filing a complaint.

Is it really worth it?

This sale may not be ideal for every traveler, as only some have the flexibility to book a domestic flight just a day in advance or an international flight just a few days in advance.

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As Daniel Schurz, Senior Vice President of Commercial at Frontier Airlines, said: “For people with flexible schedules, this is a great opportunity to spend a truly epic summer and then some, soaking up rays on the beach, exploring national parks and visiting new cities.”

Those who can travel often and spontaneously — the type of travel that makes you instantly happier — can take advantage and get to amazing destinations. The carrier serves more than 100 round-the-clock routes.

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Frontier has great domestic destinations like Atlanta, Denver, Orlando, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami, as well as amazing international destinations like Montego Bay (Jamaica), Cancun (Mexico), Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) and Nassau (The Bahamas ).

The carrier also recently launched new routes to Puerto Rico with service to Aguadilla and Ponce and expanded routes to San Juan.

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For digital nomads, freelancers, or just those looking to travel as much as possible next summer, this could be the perfect opportunity to make the most of your 2023 travel plans on a budget.

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Warning for passengers: Don’t forget travel insurance for your next trip!

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