Garmin introduces a women-specific heart rate monitor and updates the Garmin Connect fitness tracking app

Tech giant Garmin has announced a new look for its Garmin Connect app, offering a simpler and more personalized home page that’s designed to help you track your fitness goals, and has also introduced the HRM-Fit heart rate monitor, which is designed specifically for women’s, cut directly on sports bras from leading brands for greater comfort.

Garmin Connect gets a new look

Garmin has announced extensive updates to Garmin Connect, the app and website where you can store your training data and track your fitness.

“These updates provide a more streamlined and personalized experience on the home page, focusing on health and fitness metrics that allow users to track their personal goals,” Garmin said. “Starting today, select customers using Garmin smartwatches, cycling computers and accessories can opt in to try the Garmin Connect beta before it’s available to everyone later this year.”

Essentially, Garmin Connect is where the data from your paired Garmin devices is stored. You can go there to analyze your health and fitness statistics in a variety of user-friendly formats. The idea behind the updates is that you can now get more relevant information to help you achieve your goals.

“Whether you’re keeping an eye on overall wellness, staying active or training for the next big race, the new Garmin Connect home page features customizable sections that allow users to dive into their data like never before,” says Garmin.

The update is more about the layout and navigation than adding new features. For example, Today’s Activity lets you see the day’s logged activity, upcoming workouts, and any events coming up over the next two days (so not just today’s activity, then).

In Focus gives you a look at certain health and fitness metrics, including a sleep score, body battery energy monitoring, workout status (which is designed to give you a direction on how your workout is progressing), and more. The data available depends on the smartwatch, cycling computer or accessory you’re using, of course. You can also get a weekly view of your activity trends here, customized to show what interests you most.

The At a Glance section allows you to choose from a wide range of statistics and display them all in one place. You can choose from heart rate, steps, calories burned, VO2 max., stamina score and much more – whatever you want to keep an eye on.

There is also a Challenges section where you can see your progress in Expedition, Badge, Group and Family challenges.

There are more, including Learning Plans and Events areas, but you get the idea of ​​what’s on offer here. As mentioned, the beta version of the revamped Garmin Connect is rolling out now and is expected to be available to everyone later in 2024.

Garmin unveils HRM-Fit heart rate monitor for women

The other news from Garmin is the introduction of the HRM-Fit heart rate monitor, which attaches directly to the understrap of a sports bra.

2024 Garmin HRM-Fit - 1

Garmin says, “Featuring a clip-on design, [HRM-Fit] attaches to mid- and high-support sports bras to maximize comfort while accurately capturing heart rate and real-time training data. The HRM-Fit is also flexible enough to be used during activities such as running, indoor and outdoor cycling, strength training, HIIT and more.”

It’s a pretty simple idea, as you can see in this short video…

The idea of ​​a sports bra that you can attach a heart rate monitor to is not exactly new. The Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra – Heart Rate Monitor Edition, for example, includes poppers where a Garmin or Polar HRM can be attached.

The Sensoria sports bra comes with HRM, and there are others. Garmin’s HRM-Fit design is a little different, however, as it can attach to bras from Adidas, Athleta, NoBull, Under Armor and more.

2024 Garmin HRM-Fit - 1 (1)

It sends data via ANT+ and Bluetooth, so you can view it on a huge number of different devices, including Garmin Edge bike computers. The HRM-Fit also captures running dynamics, which you can send to a compatible Garmin smartwatch and can be used to record steps, calories and intensity minutes.

The Garmin HRM-Fit is priced at £139.99 and is available now.

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