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Mozambique – EU Global Gateway Investment Forum in the Mozambican capital Maputo, under the theme “Creating Business Opportunities”, on on November 22-23, will bring together public and private sector stakeholders to explore the potential and investment opportunities Mozambique has to offer.

EU Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson will attend the forum, which will also bring together politicians from Mozambique and Europe, public sector agencies, embassies of EU member states, business associations, financial institutions, investors and development partners.

Originally launched in September, during the 58th edition of the Mozambique International Trade Fair (FACIM)the November 22-23 event is a joint effort by the Mozambican government, represented by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Delegation of the European Union to Mozambique and EuroCam (Association of European Chambers of Commerce) to explore ways to attract quality investment under the strategy Global Gateway and to diversify trade between Mozambique and the European market.

Minister of Industry and Trade of Mozambique Silvino Augusto Jose Moreno and EU ambassador in the country Antonino Maggiore highlighted the importance of the forum as a key moment for both the public and private sectors to assess Mozambique’s many investment and trade prospects. The nation’s natural resources, including energy, mining, agribusiness, marine and inland tourism, forestry and fisheries, combined with strategic territorial access to the sea, offer significant advantages in other areas such as transport and logistics. The forum will also advocate for value addition to products bearing the Made in Mozambique label through integrated industrialization efforts.

The forum’s 14 panel discussions will cover vital sectors such as industrialization, energy transition, agriculture, blue economy, tourism, transport and logistics and digital connectivity.

Main objectives of the forum:

  • To highlight Mozambique’s investment potential for local and European investors and to demonstrate its export opportunities within the framework of EU trade agreements;
  • To establish links between key economic sectors promoted by Team Europe through the Global Gateway investment package and to explore funding avenues;
  • To provide European investors with an in-depth insight into the broader business climate in Mozambique and ongoing industry reforms;
  • To enable B2B and B2G interactions between local and European entrepreneurs, explore financially viable investment projects;
  • To showcase current private and public sector initiatives through an interactive exhibition.

About the Global Portal:

  • The Global Gateway is Europe’s proposal to connect the world with investments and partnerships. Globally, EU investments play a key role in promoting economic growth in partner countries, creating opportunities for local businesses, improving the business landscape and building mutually beneficial economic cooperation.
  • In Africa, Global Gateway’s first delivery is €150 billion Africa-Europe investment packagefocused on supporting the continent for strong, inclusive, green and digital recovery and transformation through acceleration the green transition, the digital transition, sustainable growth and the creation of decent jobs, strengthening health systems and improving education and training
  • Global Gateway advocates for sustainable and reliable connections that prioritize people and planet. Global Gateway’s main goal is to implement initiatives with a transformative effect.

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