Georgia football-LSU Game Time, TV Channel, Watch Online, 2022 SEC Championship Game Odds

The 2022 SEC Championship game will be a game between the Georgia football team and LSU on December 3rd. Below you can find information about the match time, TV channel odds, as well as how to watch online.

This will be the fifth time Georgia and LSU have met in the SEC Championship Game. Georgia football enters the game with a 12-0 record while LSU is 9-3.

Georgia football-LSU game time for the 2022 SEC Championship Game

The Georgia football-LSU game will begin at 4:00 PM ET.

Georgia football-LSU 2022 SEC Championship Game telecast

CBS will broadcast the 2022 SEC Championship game between Georgia football and LSU. Brad Nessler, Gary Danielson and Jenny Dell will broadcast the game.

How to watch the 2022 SEC Championship game online between Georgia football-LSU

The 2022 SEC Championship game between Georgia football and LSU can be streamed on CBSSports. You can watch the game by clicking here.

Georgia-LSU football odds for the 2022 SEC Championship Game

Georgia football is a 17.5-point favorite over LSU in the 2022 SEC Championship game. The Bulldogs are 6-6 against the spread this season. The over/under for the game is 51 points.

What Georgia football coach Kirby Smart said about LSU, 2022 SEC Championship

. This is the third time you’ve been compared to Brian Kelly. How important were the two previous wins in building your program into what it is today?

KIRBY SMART: Well, I think they were great matches. They were a national exposure game. Every time you play Notre Dame, it’s not just about Brian Kelly, it’s about the Notre Dame name across the country. It will certainly help you recruit nationwide, become a national brand, play on a national stage.

It gave us the opportunity to do. Both tough, physical football games on both occasions. I have a lot of respect for the Notre Dame program. I thought it was great college ball to have Notre Dame and Georgia match up in those two games.

Q. A few years ago I think under Mark Richt they were talking about taking the hood off the program, how that was an important feature to be able to get to a higher level. Do you feel like you’ve been able to take the lid off this program?

KIRBY SMART: Yeah, I don’t know. I really don’t understand Program Covers? I do the best job we can for our young men every year. I think that would be a subjective question that every person, every fan who has an opinion, can see it differently.

Every year I do my best for our boys.

Q. What mindset do you want your players to have going into this game? What are some of the things you told them this week to prepare them for this weekend?

KIRBY SMART: This preparation is the key to any game. This is no different. Our other SEC games that we’ve had in terms of margin, we play at a neutral site. It’s an opportunity to get out there and play. Nobody else plays in our conference but us.

Our peers can watch this match. One of the most watched games of every football season. We talked long and hard about being at our best if needed. Those critical situations in games that decide games, they’re going to decide this game the same way, whether it’s a turnover, explosive (indiscernible).

Q. When you look at this LSU team, there are a lot of transfers on this team. When you examine them this week, how much do these transfers stand out?

KIRBY SMART: Yes, a lot. When their staff was recruited, it’s hard to compare that to other programs in the SEC. I’d say they’ve done the best job of filling holes and creating roster opportunities for the guys coming in.

You start with the quarterback. I mean, the quarterback played phenomenal for them. He is a great athlete. He was a huge asset to them.

But also executed some really big (indiscernible) on defense (indiscernible). Probably if they weren’t doing such a good job, it’s hard to say where they would be right now. They put together some really good defensive players as well as a quarterback.

Q. Georgia and LSU have faced each other five times in the SEC Championship, the second most of all. What is it about these two programs that have been able to sustain success over the course of several different coaches?

KIRBY SMART: Yeah, those are the geographic areas. Both have great high school football in and around their universities, proximity to good players. We have New Orleans, we have Atlanta. Per capita, when you look at the NFL, the states of Georgia and Louisiana are always near the top. This has a lot to do with the success of the programs

Georgia football-LSU injury report for 2022 SEC Championship Game

  • Andrew Paul (knee, out)
  • CJ Washington (neck, out)
  • Dan Jackson (leg, out)
  • Ernest Green (back, out)
  • Drew Bobo (labrum, out))
  • Nolan Smith (Peck, out)
  • Marvin Jones Jr. (ankle, questionable)
  • AD Mitchell (ankle, questionable)
  • De’Nylon Morrissette (knee/hamstring questionable)
  • Tate Rutledge (shoulder, probable)

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