Gerard Depardieu divides France after launching counter-petition – deadline

Some 600 French art and entertainment figures have signed a “counterpetition” denouncing the move to defend iconic actor Gerard Depardieu in the face of multiple allegations of sexual assault and one of rape.

The petition describes a recent open letter in support of Depardieu, signed by 55 global film celebrities, and President Emmanuel Macron’s public defense of the actor on a talk show before Christmas as a slap in the face for all victims of sexual abuse.

“This is the eerie and perfect illustration of a world that refuses to let things change,” read the letter, published on the website of investigative news site Mediapart on Friday.

“It’s a role reversal where the executioner (the “monster,” the man who isn’t holy at all, just plain obscene) is set up as the victim with the help of his friends. As always in cases of gender-based and sexual violence against women, the “presumption of innocence” for the aggressor sounds like a “presumption of falsehood” for the women who testify against him, the publication continues.

Signatories included popular rappers, DJs and singers, as well as artists and photographers, as well as figures from the world of cinema such as actors Judith Chemla, Félix Mariteau, Wally Dia and Louise Chevillot and director and screenwriter Caroline Derois.

Depardieu’s star has fallen in France in recent weeks after a bombshell edition of an investigative show aired Further investigationwhich explores historical allegations of sexually inappropriate behavior by the actor.

The program follows a formal complaint of two counts of rape against Depardieu dating back to 2018 by actress Charlotte Arnold, which is currently working its way through the courts, as well as multiple allegations of sexual assault against the star.

Mediapart previously detailed 13 allegations of sexual misconduct against Depardieu in a special report published last April.

The Further investigation The report revealed that a second woman, French actress Hélène Darras, also filed a complaint against Depardieu in September related to events on the set of the 2007 dance comedy. disco.

A third woman, Spanish journalist Ruth Baza, has reportedly filed a formal complaint against the actor in Spain over an incident that occurred during an interview in Paris in 1995, when she was 23, after the show broadcasting.

The new counter-petition comes less than a week after an open letter in support of Depardieu denouncing the public “lynching” and repeal of the “sacred ‘monster of cinema'” was published on the website of Le Figaro newspaper on December 25. .

Among the signatories were former First Lady, top model and musician Carla Bruni, as well as popular actors Charlotte Rampling, Carole Bouquet, Nathalie Bay and Pierre Richard.

Several of the signatories have since tried to distance themselves from parts of that initiative in light of the revelation that the journalist who initiated the open letter, Yanis Eziad, has ties to far-right politician Eric Zemmour.

Bouquet, who was in a relationship with Depardieu from 1997 to 2005, posted on her Instagram account on Friday that she had signed the petition “for Gerard Depardieu” but supported the journalist’s “ideas and values” behind the open letter.

“Giving it visibility through Gerard’s mediation made me, as you can imagine, deeply uncomfortable,” she wrote.

Director and writer Nadine Trintinyan outright withdrew her support for the letter due to the fact that it was written by Esiad.

“I didn’t know who was behind the petition when I signed it,” she said in a statement. “I ask all those who were shocked not to blame this serious mistake on me.”

Meanwhile, actor Ivan Atal gave an interview to the news channel BFMTV in which he explained that he signed the original open letter in response to the media backlash, not in personal support of Depardieu.

“I feel embarrassed because I signed a petition that I don’t fully agree with, but I signed it for reasons that were stronger than what embarrassed me,” Atal said.

“There are too many things that are wrong … He has a right not to be publicly lynched month after month. He is in the papers every day and it is precisely for the reason that there is a case against him that we must let justice speak,” he said.

Veteran actor Gérard Darmont echoed Atal in a separate interview, saying his signing of the original letter was “a completely civil act” because he did not know Depardieu personally.

“I don’t know him, he’s not a friend, I did a scene with him a long time ago in Asterix … what I can’t stand is this ordeal from the media,” he said.

The actor added: “If the two rapes ever turn out to be true, I’ll be the first to step in and say, ‘You’re a pig, I didn’t think you were capable of this.'”

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