Get either $1K Bet Insurance or $150 Sunday in KY, OH, LA, NJ, CO, IA & VA

bet365 bonus code CTNEWS receives new users or $1K insurance offer to bet or $150 bet and collect. You will select your offer on a landing page after signing up as both offers use the same code, CTNEWS.

Both welcome bonuses are available in Colorado, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, New Jersey, Ohio and Virginia.

In six of the eligible states listed above, the legal betting age is 21 or older. However, in Kentucky any new user who is 18 or over can claim the promotion and bet365 is available to users over 18.

New users in eligible states can start with the module below or simply download the bet365 app.

Although the First Bet Safety Net offer has no specific wagering requirement, it does require new bettors to make their first cash bet. If it settles as a loss, they’ll get their full bet back in bonus bets — with a $1,000 limit.

Bet and Collect is a little different and requires new users to make an initial cash bet of at least $5 to trigger this promotion. Regardless of how this bet is settled, new users will receive $150 in bonus bets.

New players can view both available bet365 promotions and eligible locations below.

  • First bet without breaking a sweat: First Bet Insurance capped at $1,000; available in CO, IA, KY, NJ, LA, OH and VA; 21+ only (18+ in KY), new customers only.
  • $150 Bet & Collect: New users who make a cash bet of at least $5 will receive $150 in bonus bets regardless of how that bet is settled; available in CO, IA, KY, NJ, LA, OH and VA; 21+ only (18+ in KY), new customers only. You must deposit $10 or more.

As noted above, bet365 offers two different promotions for new bettors in seven states across the country: either a $1,000 bet insurance offer or a $5 and $150 bet promotion.

Both promotions can be unlocked with the same bet365 bonus code CTNEWS when recording. They will need to select one of the promotions from the bet365 landing page.

The bet insurance offer, called First Bet Safety Net, has no specific wagering requirement, but new bettors will need to make a cash deposit and place their first cash bet to trigger this promotion. If this bet is lost, they will get their full bet back in bonus bets not exceeding $1000.

To unlock the bet and receive the promotion, new users must make a cash deposit of at least $10 to register their account and make an initial cash bet of at least $5 to trigger this promotion. Win or lose, players will receive $150 in bonus bets.

As both offers are available through the same bet365 landing page, new bettors can get started with either offer via the module below.

The Cowboys are in steamy Buffalo for an exciting Sunday game against the Bills.

Josh Allen and company trail the Dolphins for the division lead, but still have a chance to secure control of the AFC East. They’ll need Miami to drop another game, which isn’t entirely out of the question given how they’ve been playing lately.

The Cowboys have looked good, really good lately. But this is probably the Cowboys’ best fade point as they hit the value ceiling for the year.

Dak looks to be an MVP candidate, if not the favorite, and Dallas’ defense is better than expected, but not as good as it’s portrayed on paper.

The performance against Philly was especially misleading because the Cowboys’ blitzes were what stifled the high-flying Eagles’ offense.

Also, the two forced fumbles were huge for Dallas. The Bills are much more adept at controlling the blitz than Philadelphia, and Dallas’ secondary had some trouble with deep passes.

The accounts are narrow, two points, a favorite with 50.5 points overall. Bet more as both teams will be playing at a fast pace and looking for a goal.

  1. Use the appropriate module above depending on where you are to get started.
  2. Deploy the bet365 bonus code CTNEWS to register an account.
  3. Make your first cash deposit to register your account.
  4. Place your initial cash bet to trigger the applicable promotion (minimum $5 in CO, IA, KY, NJ, OH, VA, LA).
  5. Collect your bonus bets.

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