glitch art and vibrant accents enliven and distort the gray-hued apartment of the UR desk

Your desk juxtaposes gray scale with vibrant tones

UR Bureau’s minimalist Glitch Apartment questions and embraces the intrusion of technology and information into our everyday lives. Measuring 67 square meters, the design concept seeks to reflect the digital age and noise by integrating glitch art elements that act as a connecting element between man and technology. Throughout, the interior design studio combines cool shades of gray in the main living space with bright splashes of enveloping color in the private rooms, creating an elegant aesthetic and playful illusion of a distorted grayscale image.

Throughout the apartment, the bug acts as a connecting element between man and technology Spatially, the designers reorganized the program to center organically around a pre-existing main column around which a sofa, dining table and kitchen are distributed.

all images courtesy of UR Bureau

the bug effect epitomizes noise in the digital age

Today, information noise has invaded the quiet areas of life that were once left alone – even in the comfort of our own homes. Instead of drowning out the noise and creating a calm, neutral living space, UR Bureau uses the post-bug effect as an artistic tool, personifying the digitization of our lives. This is revealed throughout the interior design from the central core of the living room to the furniture and tiles in the bedrooms and bathroom.

The distinctive interior concept is deeply developed with philosophical nuances, patterns and colors atypical of a living space, while maintaining a sense of familiarity and comfort. “The project became a direct extension of the people who would live in it and a unique fusion of UR Bureau’s visual language with the artistic nature of the clients.” notes Rustem Urazmetov of UR Bureau.

bug apartment 1

Throughout the space, the design team created a fluid combination of self-leveling epoxy floors, painted walls and painted concrete ceilings, which made it possible to unify all spaces and create a monochrome background for bright accents. The space is covered by a translucent stretch ceiling, enclosed by a “visor” made of UV-printed Plexiglas, creating a luminous plane. In the living room, glitch-patterned wallpaper was wrapped around the center column, echoing the print on the sofa and headboards. Its design is based on the floor plans of the apartment, which were run several times through the error generator.

Each of the private rooms in the gray range is enlivened by bold, continuous splashes of a single color. The first bedroom of the Glitch Apartment is painted in a local orange color, including even the air conditioner and radiator. Here, the architects integrate only the minimum needs for a bedroom – a bed and storage space. In the yellow bedroom, color is used to separate two functional blocks; the sleeping area is painted bright yellow, while the work area is neutral gray. At the intersection there is a lamp in the form of a crosshair. The bathroom is defined by a bright acid green shade, incorporating the Glitch theme with three tile shapes and two colors that were displayed in pixel art.

bug apartment 2

Completing the project within a limited budget, UR Bureau rearranged the existing program around a central column that became the visual and functional core of the apartment. As a result, the kitchen was moved to the corridor, creating a large combined room, including an entrance hall, a living room and a place for eating and cooking. The new hallway is lined with a large, discreet closet almost 5 meters long, decluttering the apartment. At the entrance, an old Macintosh greets residents and visitors, doubling as a unique art object and footrest for tying ties.

bug flat 8

bug apartment 5

bug flat 10bug flat 9

bug flat 11

bug flat 12

project information:

name: Bug apartment
designer: UR office

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