Google Culture & Arts unveils ‘Treasures of Turkey’ selection of curated stories

In a joint effort with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey, Google Türkiye unveiled the “Treasures of Turkey” digital collection on the Google Arts & Culture platform aimed at supporting Turkey’s digital transformation. This initiative, presented in collaboration with the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage and Museums and the Tourism Promotion and Development Agency (TGA), showcases a variety of content, including historical artifacts, archaeological sites, arts and crafts, and culinary heritage, representing Turkey’s rich cultural tapestry .

To mark the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey, this digital collection brings together centuries-old culinary and cultural heritage from the lands where the Republic was founded. Treasures of Turkey highlights both well-known and hidden gems, highlighting Turkey’s historical sites, artistic endeavors and culinary traditions. The collection, available on the Google Arts & Culture platform, includes over 70 stories, written and visual content, a 10-part documentary series in collaboration with renowned historian and documentary producer Bethany Hughes, and 17 new Street View footage.

The details of the “Treasures of Turkey” digital collection were revealed during a press conference attended by the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mehmet Nuri Ersoy. Speaking at the event, Minister Ersoy expressed hope that the content presented on the platform will support the goals of attracting high-quality tourists, diversifying products and promoting the rich cultural and historical heritage of all 81 provinces outside of Turkey’s popular tourist destinations.

Mehmet Keteloglu, National Director of Google Türkiye, emphasized the importance of the project, saying, “As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Republic, we wanted to create a meaningful digital collection to preserve our country’s values ​​and share them with the world.” through the Google Arts & Culture platform. We wholeheartedly believe that our digital collection ‘Google Arts & Culture: Treasures of Türkiye’ will develop into a dynamic collection featuring many more stories given the richness and depth of our culture.”

Google Arts & Culture—which collaborates with more than 3,000 institutions worldwide and participates in cultural initiatives in more than 80 countries—is dedicated to preserving, improving accessibility, and promoting art and culture for educational and promotional purposes. Google Arts & Culture Program Manager Rami Jawhar said: “The ‘Treasures of Turkey’ selection, ranging from ancient cities to mosaics, seafood feasts to unique tastes, is ready to be explored under the title ‘Treasures of Turkey’ on the Google Platform Arts & Culture and its free mobile app.”

Bethany Hughes shared her thoughts on the documentary series, saying: “Creating a selection of Turkey’s rich cultural heritage was a challenge as there are countless stories to tell. With the help of our partners, we created a series using a wide range of elements, from large monuments to mosaics and elegant jewels for the birth of the republic. We learned so much with every video we shot. I would once again like to express my gratitude to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, General Directorate of Cultural Heritage and many institutions, museum directors, historians, experts and archaeologists who helped us during the filming process and content creation. It is a great pleasure for me to support such a digital collection during such an important period, namely the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey.”

The videos feature mini-interviews with historians and experts, including Ilber Ortayli, Essin Çelebi Bayrou (a 22nd generation descendant of Rumi), Zeynep Inankur, Fatma Ajun, Sevan Bacakci and Refika Birgül, and are available with English and Turkish subtitles, making them makes available to users worldwide.

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