Gravie’s Comfort® Health Plan saves small and medium-sized businesses and employees money while increasing overall health care utilization

MINNEAPOLIS, May 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Data released today by Gravie, one of the fastest growing employer health benefits companies in United States, shows that its flagship Comfort® health plan is successfully reducing costs while driving greater engagement with services that help people stay healthy. Launched in 2020, Comfort offers its members zero co-payments and zero deductibles on 85% of the most common health services– including office visits, specialist appointments, labs and imaging, general prescriptions, mental health services, and more.

For calendar year 2022, employers received an average of a 15% reduction in premiums compared to their previous carrier renewal. The savings also extend to Comfort Plan employees who spend 20% less on claims than their counterparts on a traditional copay or HSA plan, and 61% less out-of-pocket costs.

While experiencing savings, employees took advantage of the 100% coverage offered by Comfort for the most common health care services, using their benefits more often than those of a traditional plan that charges co-pays and deductibles for the same services. Comfort members had greater engagement with the following services: primary care, specialty care, imaging, mental health visits, urgent care, and pharmacy. Meanwhile, claims for Comfort members are averaged $160 per month less than claims for employees on a traditional copay or HSA plan.

“Comfort’s 2022 performance data shows that the plan is not too good to be true — which is usually the first response we hear in the market when we talk about this plan,” said Marek Czolko, Gravie co-founder and co-CEO. “We built Comfort with the belief that a benefit-rich health plan doesn’t have to cost more money, as long as you remove the barriers to members accessing the kinds of benefits they need and want to use. We’re thrilled that our customers and employer members are experiencing Comfort the way we intended.”

Comfort is a health plan funded at a level that reduces financial risk for employers and can even result in premium refunds if, at the end of the plan year, premiums outpace claims. Tiered funding is generally unavailable to small and medium-sized employers.

While most people and employers are spending more than ever on health care these days, Comfort’s latest performance data shows the potential cost savings from eliminating co-pays and deductibles for the most common health care services. For example, Comfort members have an average of five free medical visits per year compared to the industry average of 2.8 free visits per year.

This news of the plan’s effectiveness comes as Gravie continues its steady growth trajectory, including securing additional 179 million dollars in financing led by General Atlantic earlier this year. The company also recently introduced a new brand with the motto “More benefits. Fewer stars.™’ and starts a new one website demonstrating how Gravie has a significant impact on the health of its members.

Learn more about Gravie and its Comfort Plan, available to employer groups through their broker partners, at

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Gravie has been and continues to be at the forefront of driving change and improvement in the healthcare industry by creating innovative employer-sponsored health benefit solutions that put consumers first. Comfort®, Gravie’s flagship product, is the first health plan of its kind in the country to provide 100% first-dollar coverage of most common health care services at a cost comparable to traditional group health plans. Learn more about Gravie at

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