“He made me feel noticed”

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Paris Hilton looks back on her past in her new memoir — and it doesn’t all bring back good memories.

in Paris: The Memoir, the 42-year-old heiress reflects on an inappropriate relationship she had with her eighth-grade teacher at a Catholic school. She recalls how “all the girls in my class were in love with this handsome young teacher” who had a “very Abercrombie” look.

“Everybody loved him, including the nuns,” Hilton wrote.

It turns out that this teacher returns the attraction by telling her, “I’m in love with you.”

“He made me feel noticed in an important, adult way,” Hilton wrote. “He flattered and teased me and said all the other girls were talking about me behind my back because they were jealous.”

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Paris The Memoirs by Paris Hilton

Paris The Memoirs by Paris Hilton

Day Street Books

The teacher then asked her for her number and “warned me not to tell anyone.”

Hilton wrote that the teacher called her almost every night after that, “and we talked for hours about how incredibly mature and beautiful and intelligent I was, how sensual and misunderstood and special.”

According to Hilton, her teacher often asked if her parents were home, and one night when they weren’t, he decided to come over. “I saw a late model SUV idling at the top of the driveway,” she wrote. “I got into the passenger seat. The teacher pulled me into his arms and kissed me.”

The “Stars Are Blind” singer recalled that the kiss went on “for what seemed like a long time and seemed to develop into something more” – until her parents came home and saw Hilton and her teacher in the driveway.

He tried to escape, blaming Hilton for his behavior. She remembers him saying, “My life is over. What am I doing? Why did you make me do this?’

Paris Hilton, Kathy Hilton

Paris Hilton, Kathy Hilton

Charles Sykes/Bravo/Getty Paris Hilton and Kathy Hilton

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He ended up dropping her back at home, where Hilton tried to play dumb with her parents about what they saw — but it didn’t work. After the school year ended, Kathy and Rick sent their teenage daughter to live with her grandmother in Palm Springs, California.

And while Hilton writes that she never told anyone at school, “Somehow people seemed to know.”

But this did not change the reputation of the teacher. “He was still Mr. Abercrombie,” she wrote.

She doesn’t know if he ever suffered any consequences.

“I don’t know if there was any consequence to the teacher or if there was any attempt to prevent him from choosing another girl,” Hilton wrote. “My parents never volunteered any information and I never asked them, but I guess the fear of bad publicity would prevent them from making a scene or pressing charges.”

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For years, Hilton tried to block the experience.

“I’ve never allowed myself to talk or even think about what it really was or why I climbed out the window to kiss that stupid pedophile. It took me decades to actually say the word pedophile,” on This is Paris podcast host writes. “To cast him as a child molester was to cast myself as the victim, and I just couldn’t go there.”

Hilton also wrote that she had a hard time coming to terms with “the fact that I was enjoying something that was, in reality, extremely vile.”

“Even now, knowing in my grown-up mind that no child is to blame for inappropriate adult behavior, my face is literally on fire as I sit here and tell you this terrible secret,” she continues. “I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to completely shake it off. But it’s a key part of my story.”

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Paris: The Memoir is out now.

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