Here are the Lubbock businesses closing in 2023, including Joyland

This year there were more than 100 openings and almost half as many closings in Lubbock. Here’s a look at what the city center is saying goodbye to in 2023.

Here’s a look at which businesses Lubbock is saying goodbye to in 2023:

509 Beverage Shop

When: November 1.

What happened: The business at 6301 82nd St., #101 abruptly closed its Lubbock storefront due to personal reasons.

1000 Degrees Pizza (both locations)

When: 19th Street Location – February 28th, Indiana Avenue Location – March.

What happened: The 19th Street location closed after months of poor traffic. The Indiana Avenue location has not publicly released a reason.

An all-American Mexican hideaway

When: July 21.

What happened: An employee said the business at 1219 Crickets Ave. has closed due to “insufficient traffic or business coming in”. By November, it became the new home of Chez Sami, a French restaurant with a location in Wolfforth.

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Curved nail

When: July 22.

What happened: Bent Nail owner Jordan made the announcement via Facebook and attributed it to the difficulties of running a business alone. The restaurant at 5217 98th St. #900 closed soon after.

Brooklyn Pizzeria/Bar Room

When: July 8.

What happened: Brooklyn Pizza, 5217 98th St., and The Bar Room initially closed in June for renovations and renovations. According to the owner, those renovations did not happen, leading to the restaurant’s announcement that the doors would not reopen in Lubbock.

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Buckner Brentwood Campus

When: January 2023

What happened: The rising costs of maintaining the building since 1967 caused the owners to sell the business.

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When: Late October.

What happened: The burger joint at 4210 82nd St. suddenly shut down and his social media disappeared until October 24th.


When: May 26.

What happened: The owners of the restaurant at 2203 Clovis Road said it was due to the family’s desire to “pursue other interests.”

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Dumbass of Frankford

When: June 15.

What happened: The owners said the location on Frankford Ave. 421 is closed so they can spend more time with their family. The restaurant resides at 5010 Quaker Ave.

Double Dave

When: October 29.

What happened: The pizzeria restaurant at 6023 82nd St. decided not to renew its lease and closed at the end of October.

Lyrics: Fuddruckers

When: 24 Dec

What happened: The business is moving from 5501 Slide Road to 6616 Milwaukee Ave., which will open in January. Hawaiian Bros Island Grill will move to the Slide Road location. Hawaiian Bros. officials have not confirmed an opening schedule.

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Hef’s Burgers

When: 19 Dec

What happened: The restaurant at 5727 82nd St. said the closing was due to increases in rent and food costs.

Hello ice cream

When: September 2.

What happened: Despite a promised rebranding of the ice cream business that was due to begin on September 2nd, the business announced that it would no longer be happening via social media on September 8th. The reason given included lack of funds.

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Hub City Beer and Wine

When: August 2023

What happened: No reason was given.

Huddle House

When: October 15.

What happened: The all-night restaurant at 6616 Milwaukee Ave., Suite 100 has abruptly closed its doors after six years.

Java Jet

When: March 31.

What happened: Java Jet opened a drive-thru location in late January. About two months later, the business said it would close the building at 66th Street and Indiana Avenue. Mobile business continues to serve the area.

Jinli Szechuan and Cantonese cuisine

When: November 13.

What happened: A note posted on the door in November announced the restaurant would close due to a “shortage of human resources.”

Josey Records

When: November 14.

What happened: The record and bookstore at 82nd and Slide announced closing sales weeks before the official closing day. What shocked the public was how the store dumped thousands of unsold books in the dumpster after it closed.

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When: January 10.

What happened: The potential buyers – the Dean family – backed out, citing multiple reasons for what prompted the park’s liquidation sale.

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La Chavena

When: May 26.

What happened: The owners of 1519 34th St. Suite B cited personal reasons for closing.

The patroness

When: June 2023

What happened: No reason given. A food truck of the same name remains open.

Lost Cajun

When: May 11.

What happened: No reason was given for the closing at 6810 Milwaukee Ave.

This is difficult

When: July 2023

What happened: No reason was given. The former Korean restaurant at 4809 34th St. turned into a vape shop in late 2023.

New Royal Indian Cuisine

When: August 11

What happened: No reason was given. The restaurant’s location at 3806 50th St., Suite 226, quickly became Kaveri Indian Cuisine under new ownership.

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Excess furniture

When: December 2023

What happened: No reason was given for the sudden closure at 5916 W. Loop 289 Access Road.

Pepe’s Pizza

When: September 3.

What happened: No reason was given for the closing at 3407 98th St.

mexican rangeles

When: May 28.

What happened: No specific reason was given for the closure at 4821 34th St.

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Scroll back

When: September 10.

What happened: No reason was given for the closing of the LGBTQIA+ friendly nightclub at 1802 Buddy Holly Ave.

Richezza’s Philly Cheesesteaks

When: March 10.

What happened: The business closed the restaurant at 5707 4th St., but lives on with their food truck. The owner ran into some financial problems that forced them to close the business.

Ranch Ring Bar

When: August 26.

What happened: No reason given for closing the storefront at 7420 82nd Street. Business continues.

Royal Seafood Shack

When: November 1.

What happened: The restaurant at 7604 Milwaukee Ave., Suite 400, closed and moved their kitchen to Doc’s Cafeteria. Both restaurants are owned by the same family.


When: February 2023

What happened: Rising costs were a deciding factor in closing 4447 34th St.

Say selfie LBK

When: October 29.

What happened: Just shy of the three-year mark, the interactive photography studio at 11915 Frankford Ave., Suite 100, has closed.

Sideline Provisions

When: 3 Dec

What happened: No reason was given, but the apparel company moved its products to the Cardinal’s Sports Center due to a new partnership.

Steamed cakes

When: Mid December.

What happened: The owner has decided to sell the business for personal reasons.

Sugar and six

When: August 6.

What happened: The owner cited a personal reason for closing the store at 4914 50th St.

Sunburst Market

When: April 21.

What happened: The family decided to move on and close the market at 1511 County Road 7140. It soon became Faith2Farm Market Garden.

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Tech cafe

When: Late 2023

What happened: The restaurant at 1524 50th St. closed after being listed for sale for months.

The rustic brush

When: October 28.

What happened: The owners have decided to close the doors after 5 years of operation at 5815 82nd St., Suite 100.

Toro Burger

When: June 2023

What happened: No specific reason was given for the closure of 7706 Milwaukee Ave. The venue became Hub City Brews, which offers drinks and games, on October 11.

Tumbleweed & Sage

When: June 27.

What happened: No specific reason was given for the bustling coffee shop, but rumors of the closure had been mentioned months before as traffic slowed. The operators teamed up with an artist from Lubbock to create The Weird Space, which is an interactive art space.

University Jewelers

When: August 2023

What happened: The owners decided to retire and closed up shop at 1311 University Ave.

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Books about the wild lark

When: July 1.

What happened: The owner told AJ that she “can no longer personally support the high interest debt I incurred to open the bookstore.”

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