Home Construction Collective Unveils Fractional Equity Investments in New Housing to Address Housing Supply Paradox

The market’s first investment platform designed to attract new capital to the asset class

Orlando, Florida and MIAMI, April 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Home Construction Collective (“Collective”), an innovative investment platform aimed at addressing the long-standing housing supply paradox, today announces its official launch and real-world investment opportunities. A market first, Collective enables accredited and overseas investors to pool equity in new home development projects, earning returns from the earliest point in home value creation when homes are sold or rented.

The housing paradox has confounded the nation for decades: Demand for housing is strong, but the gap between strong demand and insufficient supply has been worsening for decades. One significant reason is the difficulty independent homebuilders, who make up 75% of the country’s housing supply, face in securing scalable financing options. Home Construction Collective tackles this problem head-on by making it easier for everyday investors to finance new home construction and earn attractive returns, opening up new sources of capital for the asset class.

“Millions of people need homes that don’t exist, and real solutions are scarce. By making investing easy and captivating, Collective is attracting new capital to new home construction. With Collective, communities can decide how their communities grow while their investors enjoy strong returns that today are reserved for ‘specialist’ financial institutions,” said Isaac Lidskyco-founder and CEO of Home Construction Collective.

Home Construction Collective lowers the barriers to entry for investors by simplifying the investment process, offering investments in construction projects with proven sales in markets with deep supply and demand imbalances, providing financial transparency and enabling investors to pool capital across multiple properties to diversify risk. At launch, the platform offers investment opportunities in Central Floridawhich is expected to attract 1,000 people per week.

“We believe that by unlocking the investment potential of communities, we can finally address the housing paradox and make a significant impact on the availability of housing for people to live and thrive in,” said Eric Wassermanco-founder and president of Collective.

Collective creates a simple, modern, transparent approach to investing in this asset class – one for the masses. Investment opportunities are now live on the Home Construction Collective website where investors can learn more about the platform and how it works: https://homeconstructioncollective.com/how-it-works

About Home Construction Collective

Home Construction Collective is the first fractional equity platform that allows investors to earn compelling returns on capital in the construction of new single-family homes. Investors easily invest in new homes and profit from their sale or rental. By lowering barriers to entry and enabling investors to pool their resources, the platform addresses the housing paradox and transforms the housing industry. To learn more, visit https://homeconstructioncollective.com.

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SOURCE Home Construction Collective

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