How old is Leana Dolci? Bruce Dickinson’s age gap is explored as the Iron Maiden frontman marries a fitness instructor

Bruce Dickinson and Leanna Dolci recently exchanged vows in France. The duo tied the knot around three weeks ago and Dickinson revealed the same while speaking to Swedish national TV channel SVT. He added that his sons and their partners were present at the ceremony along with Leana’s parents.

According to Biography Gist, Leana is a famous music journalist, former fashion blogger, fitness instructor and social media star. The 48-year-old spent her childhood in Paris, France and is 17 years younger than Dickinson, who is 65.

Speaking to Kerrang!, Bruce said he and Leanna split their time between Paris and London. He mentioned that he likes to move around Paris as it feels “exotic” and continued:

“I still love London, but it’s a bit of a different space when you come [here].”

Bruce is known for being a member of various bands, and this marks his third marriage, according to Loud Wire. According to the Mirror, he has three children from his previous marriage to Patrice “Paddy” Bowden, whom he married in 1990. Patrice was reportedly found dead at her residence in May 2020, according to Metro. He was previously married to Jane Dickinson from 1983 to 1987.

Bruce Dickinson and Leanna Dolci have been romantically linked since 2019

Home News Here it was reported that Leana Dolci and Bruce Dickinson started dating in 2019. The latter revealed his engagement to Leana while speaking to the N1 channel during a trip to Sarajevo and said:

“She’s French. I hope he finds some time to explore the city. And not only the bad parts – to see the wonderful parts of Sarajevo.”

Further details of the relationship remain unknown at this time. However, during his latest interview with SVT, Bruce revealed that he and Leanna got married about three weeks ago and said they planned it beforehand. Bruce said the proposal took place in a restaurant and added:

“Honestly, I thought the English invented bureaucracy, but the French perfected it. And all my French friends are like, “Yes, you’re absolutely right.” So we went ahead and got to go there and give all our details. So you can’t just pick a date. And you also can’t just get married anywhere. You have to get married where you live.”

He continued:

“You are not allowed to marry anywhere else… legally married. Leana has an apartment there in Paris. So we got married 400 meters down the road in the town hall because that was the only place we could legally get married because she lived there.

Bruce Dickinson then mentioned that he had to get official permission from the British government to marry a French citizen. Bruce also revealed more details about the wedding, saying Leanna’s parents were in tears. Speaking about his love for Leana, he told the publication:

“I thought, ‘I’m going to get married’ because I love her and she’s great and she makes me really happy and we make each other really happy and I want to support her but I also want to give her the confidence.”

Bruce Dickinson is famous for being a member of Iron Maiden

According to The Famous People, Bruce Dickinson’s father, also named Bruce, was a military mechanic and his mother, Sonya, was employed in a shoe store. He became interested in rock music while attending school in Northamptonshire.

He began his career as a member of the band Speed ​​in the 1970s. He then played with popular bands such as Iron Maiden and Samson and worked on 13 albums with the former until 2021.

Bruce Dickinson also pursued a successful career as a solo artist and released six albums. His debut album Tattooed millionaire was released in 1990 and peaked at number 100 on the US Billboard 200. Chart

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