Hybrid 911 Coming soon, Boxster and Cayman EV Noise TBD

Reports have been circulating for years predicting the eventual arrival of a Porsche 911 petrol hybrid sports car, and it’s no secret that the German automaker is well on its way to bringing such a thing to market, having previously been spotted testing such cars on the famous German track Nürburgring. Speaking at the recent Porsche Rennsport Reunion 7, however, company executives remained tight-lipped about powertrain specifics or which 911 model or models will be the first to boast hybridization. However, we’ll see it become available on some, if not all, 992.2 generation cars after they replace the 992.1 series that originally went on sale in mid-2019 as a 2020 model.

“Now we are working on the next generation [992.2]which [arrives] around the middle of the decade,” said Frank Moser, Porsche’s vice president for the 911 and 718 model lines. “We developed the hybrid, the high-performance hybrid of the 911, and it’s around the middle of the decade – the next generation of the 992.”

When asked for a more specific time, Moser commented only, “Maybe two years.” This suggests that the first hybridized model or models of the 911 likely won’t be available by the time the 992.2 series launches, as we expect the company to switch from the 992.1 to the 992.2 much sooner than the two-year time frame stated by Moser. If this is indeed the case, and given Porsche’s typical model release cadence, there’s a reason the first 911 hybrid powertrain would be reserved for a higher-performance version of the 911 like the GT2 RS or Turbo S.

Regardless of the details of the hybrid drivetrain, Porsche has reiterated its commitment to keep the 911 running on internal combustion for as long as industry conditions allow.

“911 definitely will be if at allThe last one [Porsche] which will be electrified,” echoed Michael Steiner, Porsche board member for development MotorTrend. “The 911 shouldn’t get too heavy. So that’s why we’re looking for more performance-oriented solutions and we have other cars for people who would like more electrification. We see no need to simply convert our icon [the 911] in an electric car that has its drawbacks [in terms of overall raw performance].”

Which brings us to 718

In March 2022, Porsche confirmed that it will only offer the next-generation (983 series) 718 Boxsters and Caymans as all-electric models when they go on sale as 2025 model year cars.(Note: Rennsport’s Steiner said that some markets, including the U.S., will likely see existing 982-generation cars sold alongside electric versions for some time, influenced by market demand and regulatory conditions.) While specific power and performance figures are not yet known, enthusiasts almost everywhere are worry about one thing in particular when it comes to electric cars: sound.

“We have good guys [working on it]they know how to develop a good soundtrack,” he said. “You know [a bit] by Taycan, [but] what is the typical sound of an electric porsche? We’ve never had one before. [Everyone] he knows the sound of a flat six and that’s why it’s difficult [to find something appropriate for a Porsche EV]. In my opinion, when you drive an EV, you don’t hear a thing – and that’s great. So you remember sitting in the Boxster, electrified and hearing nothing. You have a fully dynamic car that is nimble, you don’t hear anything. I think that’s really good.”

Perhaps reading the look on the general audience’s face after his answer, Moser made it clear that this was his opinion and not one that necessarily applied strictly to the 2025 Porsche 718 Cayman and Boxster EV models.

“We’re working on the sound to suit the brand, the different models,” he said, providing at least some reassurance. “But for me, sound is not the No. 1 goal.”

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