I made a steak with a stove, oven and deep fryer, a clear winner

I made a steak with my stove, oven and deep fryer.
Carly Karamana

  • I made a steak with the stove, oven and deep fryer to find the best cooking method.
  • My air fryer produced a juicy steak, but I was quite disappointed with the overall results.
  • The stovetop method was a no-brainer and the dish tasted like a high-end steak.

I love steak, especially from a fine dining restaurant. But food can easily cost me hundreds of dollars.

To find a cheaper, homemade version, I made three Angus sirloin mignons using the stove, oven, and deep fryer to see which method worked best.

Here’s how the different cooking appliances are arranged.

I let all the steaks dry before cooking them.

I set my steaks aside before I dry them and cook them.
Carly Karamana

My first step was to pat both sides of each filet mignon with a paper towel until completely dry.

I let the steaks sit for about 45 minutes, which usually helps with a seared exterior when I cook them.

I rubbed the steaks in oil and basic spices.

Each steak is topped with butter and seasoning before cooking.
Carly Karamana

I brushed both sides of the steaks with extra virgin olive oil. I then seasoned them liberally with salt, fresh pepper, and Italian seasoning.

I started with my usual method: the stove.

I’ve used my steak stove before so it was an easy process.
Carly Karamana

For the stovetop method, I used a stainless steel skillet, which is my favorite for grilling boneless steaks.

I preheated the pan on medium-high for about seven minutes before adding the meat.

I cooked the steak for three minutes on each side.

Before my steak finished cooking, I added garlic oil and shallots.
Carly Karamana

I cooked the steak for a total of six minutes, flipping it about halfway through.

Previous steak recipes I’ve tried on the stovetop have included adding oil, so I added garlic and shallot oil to the pan at the last minute.

The result was steakhouse quality.

The steak on the stove was delicious.
Carly Karamana

Cooking steak on my stove was easy and quick, and the result was amazing.

The meat was extremely tender and melted in the mouth. I wish it had a little more crust on the outside, but it was so juicy I almost didn’t mind.

Then I used my oven.

I baked my steak in the oven for four minutes.
Carly Karamana

Since the steak I bought was pretty thin, I decided to grill it.

I placed a pan in my oven and preheated the broiler on high for 10 minutes. Then I let the steak cook for two minutes on each side.

The method was quick and the results impressive.

I was impressed with how quickly my steak cooked in the oven.
Carly Karamana

After a short cooking time, the outside of the steak was nicely crispy and the inside was juicy. But it wasn’t as tender as the hotplate version.

This method also unfortunately created a lot of smoke. Even with the top vent on and the door open, I still set off my smoke detector.

I finally tried my air fryer.

I was excited to use my air fryer to make a steak because I use the appliance often.
Carly Karamana

I use my food fryer almost every day, but this was my first time cooking a steak in it.

After preheating my air fryer to 400 degrees Fahrenheit for three minutes, I placed my steak in the unit on aluminum foil.

I cooked the meat for about two minutes on each side before it was done to my liking.

Although the unit cooked my steak evenly, I did not like the texture.

I was not impressed with the air fried steak.
Carly Karamana

I was surprisingly unimpressed with the air fried steak. There was no coal, so its appearance was not attractive.

The meat was juicy throughout, but not as tender as other results, and had a chewy texture.

All three methods were easy, but the hotplate was the best.

I’m going to stick with the usual method of cooking a steak on the stovetop.
Carly Karamana

All three cooking methods were quick and easy, but the hotplate was my favorite. The texture of the meat was comparable to a high-end dish.

This will continue to be my method for homemade steak.

Despite the painless cleanup, I was surprised at how poorly my fryer cooked the steak, making it my least favorite method.

Using the oven was also easy and quick, but I doubt I’ll use it again when I can only use the stove.

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