I sell breast implants, underwear and body fluids to stars OnlyFans

  • Natasha Ruth started a company to sell porn star items such as breast implants, lingerie and stockings.
  • Fans Utopia sells items from over 30 porn stars and OnlyFans creators, even urine-stained underwear.
  • “No request is forbidden. The weirdest requests have a lot of detail,” she said.

This narrative essay is based on a conversation with Natasha Ruth, the founder of
Utopia fans, a Los Angeles-based e-commerce platform for adult fetish items. The following has been edited for length and clarity.

I started a company that sells items used by porn stars, everything from used breast implants and butt plugs to panties with urine, blood or sperm on them.

The idea came from a dream I had in March 2021 when I was selling my friend’s breast implants. I woke up in the middle of the night and had an “aha” moment.

Doctors sometimes give people their implants back if they’ve had surgery to get a new breast size. My friend was going bigger and they gave her the old ones.

There were already websites and auctions selling bikinis or foot fetish stuff, but I couldn’t see a service for other items, so within a few days I created the site and turned it into a legitimate business. I used social media to connect with everyone. In the beginning, I didn’t have any friends or anyone to introduce me to porn stars or creators, so I used Twitter and Instagram.

Stars want to cater to the needs of their fans, so they will try to sell whatever they can to keep their fan base happy and keep growing.

There are so many fetishes in the world now. I sell vials of sweat or vaginal discharge and even bath water to home contractors.

Used socks are popular

No requests are prohibited. The strangest submissions contain many details, such as clothes that have been worn for a certain period of time or that have the star’s urine on them. Some buyers have requested panties that have been worn for 48 hours.

A pair of used panties can cost around $80. For a well-known porn actress like Savannah Bond, prices can start at $120. Prices go up if there are specific requests, such as how long the star wears them or if there are bodily fluids on him.

Requests vary by buyer. The most popular items for sale are panties and full bra and panty sets. Used socks are also becoming more popular as men like sweaty gym clothes. We have buyers from all over the world, such as India and England. Most are men, but there are also women who buy goods.

We focus on elements of specific porn scenes or photoshoots

Fans can go to the website and click on the pages of their favorite creators and actors and see all the items available for purchase. We have about 30 stars on the site and will be adding about ten more in the next few weeks.

A potential buyer can also request special items from a particular porn star or creator and I will find them. These could be items of clothing worn by a Playmate in calendar photos, or clothing worn by an OnlyFans creator in a post.

We try to make the prices as affordable as possible for everyone. I don’t want people to ever feel like they can’t have something from their loved one. We offer payment plans. Stars have the ability to set their own prices. This can depend on many factors, including their popularity.

We vacuum seal all items because some buyers like to smell it or taste it or even wear the outfits themselves. We literally take the clothes off the actor’s body after they shoot a porn film, and it’s like the buyers are right there with them because they have their clothes or memorabilia, and it gives them a full sensory experience.

From a safety point of view, the seller doesn’t have to worry about the shipping for which he can use his real addresses, which can cause problems. I keep all sellers information confidential and they never interact with the buyer.

Before starting Fans Utopia, I ran a luxury repair business where I repaired or taught people how to repair their designer bags. I have been doing this new job full time since 2022 only.

The company is growing rapidly and I am proud of what we have achieved so far. We went from starting the business out of my tiny apartment to getting our first office in a year. The goal is to become the Amazon of the adult fetish industry.

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