‘I’d cry if they served it to me’, people say as home cook shows off one-pan Christmas dinner that’s ‘like a car crash’

HUMANS have lost their appetites after seeing a home cook make Christmas dinner in a pan.

Social media is flooded with hacks on how to speed up the time it takes to prepare a traditional holiday meal.

Tammy went viral on TikTok after she advised people to cook Christmas dinner in one panCredit: tiktok/tammylouiseee
Tammy recommended cooking all the food in one pan to save timeCredit: tiktok/tammylouiseee

However, one home cook left a lot to be desired after she shared how she drained several different foods in one pan.

Tammy (@tammylouiseee) has amassed over 610,000 followers on TikTok, where she shares food hacks.

She took to the social media platform to share tips for making a quick Christmas dinner for two to three people.

She placed a large ham in the middle of a foil tray before surrounding it with foods including vegetables, a packet of mashed potatoes and mac and cheese.

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The amateur chef seasoned the food with sprinkles of cheese, large chunks of butter and copious amounts of pepper before slathering sauces on top.

“It’s just perfect,” she said proudly as she displayed the foods ground together in the pan.

“If there are only two or three of you at home, it’s perfect and you’ll have leftover ham.

“It will be delicious.

“It’s just that when you have so many people, it’s too difficult to do all these things separately and in so many different pans.”

“So when it’s just a few of you, it’s the perfect meal.”

Tammy repeatedly raved about how “delicious” the one pan Christmas dinner looked.

She recommended covering everything except the ham with tin foil before putting it in the oven.

“Oh my gosh, it turned out perfect,” she said after she finished cooking.

“Look at my broccoli and cheese, mac and cheese, potatoes, green beans.

“Creamed Corn, Glazed Carrots and our Honey Ham.”

Tammy placed the ham in the middle of the foil tray before surrounding it with other foodsCredit: tiktok/tammylouiseee

Tammy used a knife to stir in the vegetables as she claimed the food was ‘great for kids’.

She checked that everything was cooked before slicing the ham and repeating that it looked “delicious”.

Despite her constant food frenzy, she showed no signs of trying any of the foods.

“That’s enough for a small dinner,” she said. “You don’t want to have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven separate pans for it all.

“Just put everything in one pan and make your life easy and delicious.

“My stars are in the sky, I can just go crazy for this ham. I really, really could, yum.

“I can eat this to my heart’s content and I think I can, wow.”

Tammy wished her viewers happy holidays and “good luck” with the one-pan dish.

The video went viral on TikTok and quickly garnered over 7,500 likes.

However, not everyone was impressed as many people took to the comments section to admit that they wouldn’t eat Tammy’s cooking.

Among them was a viewer who admitted he would “cry” if served a one-pan dinner.

“It was like a car crash…so terrifying but I couldn’t look away!” one wrote.

“Definitely not coming for Christmas dinner,” said another. “Ma’am, those carrots aren’t glazed, they’re drowned,” chimed in a third.

“Why everything is swimming, the plumber is going to be booked this Christmas,” joked a fourth.

“No, I’m not that lazy, I love good food prepared with love and patience,” wrote a fifth.

“Not risking food poisoning thanks but no thanks,” added another.

Tammy drizzled sauce over the ham before seasoning the food with pepper and cheeseCredit: tiktok/tammylouiseee
Tammy recommends covering the ham with foil before putting it in the ovenCredit: tiktok/tammylouiseee
Viewers were horrified by the dish and admitted they wouldn’t eat itCredit: tiktok/tammylouiseee

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