I’m a 76-year-old fitness model and I’ve never been as ripped as my unrecognizable throwback photo proves – here are my secrets

A MOTIVATION fitness model has shared the secrets to packing on her dream body at the ripe old age of 76.

Joanne McDonald has transformed her figure over the past 30 years and says she’s never been more ripped in her life.


Joan Macdonald looks unrecognizable in throwback photos from the late 1940sCredit: trainwithjoan / instagram
Now she boasts bulging biceps and an enviably toned figure at 76


Now she boasts bulging biceps and an enviably toned figure at 76Credit: trainwithjoan / instagram
The super fit pensioner has become a social media star with her fitness tips


The super fit pensioner has become a social media star with her fitness tipsCredit: trainwithjoan / instagram

The cheeky pensioner is barely recognizable in old photos after doing grueling workouts and lifting heavy weights every day.

She decided to redefine her relationship with exercise after doctors advised her to drastically change her lifestyle.

The author wanted to stay in fighting shape while taking medication for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis and acid reflux.

Joan, who lives in Canada and Mexico, decided to use her daughter’s experience to help her get in shape.

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She suggested personal trainer Michelle “take her on as a client” when she became out of breath after climbing the stairs.

The influencer said: “I had to have a conversation with myself: You’re not happy with life; you have to change.’

Joan started going to the gym with her daughter’s support and changed her diet to five small meals a day.

She admitted that her “stubbornness” and desire to make her family proud fueled her training.

The fitness fanatic joined Instagram in November 2017 and started posting videos of her amazing workouts and tips.

She enjoys weight training and cardio, especially swimming and cycling to tone her beach body.

Joan quickly attracted a legion of 1.7 million followers of all ages who were obsessed with the confident content creator.

The influencer inspired thousands by sharing before and after photos of her exercise journey.

Documenting her remarkable development from age 46 to 76, the mother wowed the world with her eye-popping biceps.

The reverse photo showed a plumper Joan in a swimsuit, while the other pictured her flexing proudly in the gym.

She shared the post in hopes of motivating others to test their strength – regardless of age.

Joanne wrote, “Your habits will make time either your enemy or your friend.

“My advice to you when you’re thinking about starting a trip is to focus on your daily habits rather than the end goal.

“I had no idea I would end up where I am today.

“I focused on trying to make better choices by really working hard on developing a better mindset and support system.

“And I just tried to get 1% better.”

Joan advised fans not to be fooled by so-called quick fixes and fad diets, saying it took her years of consistency.

She suggested keeping a journal to record your emotions and developing a support system with like-minded people to fuel your enthusiasm.

The superfit mom also recommends downing at least 2 liters of water as one of her “great daily habits that will pay off.”

She continued, “Exercise! Maybe it’s a 30-minute daily walk or a 30-minute bodyweight circuit.

“Maybe this is my app. It’s up to you, but commit to taking better care of this vessel you’re in, the human body.”

The social media sensation ended the post by encouraging her followers to “get started.”

Joanne added: “We can all change the quality of our lives if we want to.

“Please never give in to negative beliefs about yourself. We can do amazing things!”

Instagram users applauded her transformation, thanking her for her daily dose of inspiration.

One wrote: “Absolutely love this. Habits are king… or queen.”

Another added: “I’m 55 and just started doing this and you inspire me and keep me going everyday.”

A third chimed in: “I always think about your words, especially about being able to enjoy our lives no matter what age we are. We all deserve the best.”

A fourth simply said, “1% better every day.”

Joan says that in turn, her followers give her the determination to get stronger through training.

She said: “Even though I wanted to give up several times, I can’t because these people keep telling me that I gave them hope, so I have to be there for them.”

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Joan says she's never been so torn in her life


Joan says she’s never been so torn in her lifeCredit: trainwithjoan / instagram
Another amazing advancement documents her massive transformation


Another amazing advancement documents her massive transformationCredit: trainwithjoan / instagram
Joan enjoys weight training, swimming and cycling to stay in shape


Joan enjoys weight training, swimming and cycling to stay in shapeCredit: trainwithjoan / instagram

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