Immediate reaction: Seattle Seahawks season ends without playoffs

The Seattle Seahawks are 9-8 after pulling off another comeback to beat the Arizona Cardinals in a must-win season finale 21-20 on Sunday. Unfortunately, it wasn’t just a must-win. The Seahawks also needed help, but didn’t get it, so their season was over.

Seahawks 21, Cardinals 20: Seattle misses the playoffs | Summary | statistics

The Green Bay Packers defeated the Chicago Bears just moments before the Seahawks returned to the desert, officially eliminating Seattle from the NFC postseason race.

There’s a lot to unpack, and that’s what the voices of Seattle Sports are here to do. Read their immediate reactions below, and be sure to tune in throughout Monday for plenty more analysis on Seattle Sports 710 AM, and the Seattle Sports app starting at 6 a.m., including The Pete Carroll Show at 9:30 a.m. with head coach.

Mike Salk – Brock and Salk (6-10am)

In the end, it didn’t matter – except that it mattered a lot. The Packers took care of their business and made the final score in Arizona moot, but that didn’t stop the Seahawks’ failure to shore up their defensive woes, nor did the fight on this team end even when the playoffs were no longer on the line.

Once again, they gave up more than 200 yards on the ground and looked a lot like the paper-soft defense we’ve seen in the second half of this season. They underperformed, played sloppily and made it clear that this defense will need further changes in the offseason.

On the other hand, they refused to give up. Even when the score was inconsequential in the standings, they played hard until the final whistle, showed they cared about their pride, and Gino Smith won his fifth game of the year in the final two minutes with a surgical break down the field.

You can choose which narrative to follow: the overworked defense that couldn’t stop much from anyone and benefited from two missed field goals in the final five minutes, or the band of brothers who refused to give up even when they were playing for nothing more than dignity. Both are true and will affect the direction of the upcoming offseason.

Stacey Rost – Bump and Stacy (from 10 am to 2 pm)

Click the link here to read Stacey’s column immediately following Sunday’s game.

Bob Stelton – Wyman and Bob (2-7 p.m.)

The Seahawks’ season is over. That incredibly disappointing, uneven season ended before the Hawks game when the Packers beat the Bears.

Once again, the Hawks put themselves in a position to rely on another team for help, but unlike last season, they couldn’t get what they needed from the Bears.

There are a lot of questions that will need to be answered in the offseason regarding coaching, players, scheme, etc., and any question about those things is a fair one.

That defense has been in steady decline since 2017, regardless of the coordinator or staff. The offense is far from their biggest problem, but it’s not good enough to account for what the defense isn’t doing. And fixing what they identify as a problem with that protection should be their first priority.

The bottom line is that this team didn’t deserve to make the playoffs. They held their fate in their own hands with two games left in the season and fell to the Steelers on their home field. It’s hard to get too upset that the Bears didn’t find a way to beat the Packers to get the Seahawks to a place they couldn’t get themselves.

Dave Wyman – Color commentator for Wyman and Bob/Seahawks Radio Network

Mike Lefko – Wyman and Bob

Well… that’s a win. Unfortunately, all the exciting parts happened after the Seahawks were already eliminated from the playoffs.

It’s one thing not to enter the playoffs as a bad team, but another when a team that should have been better ends up not, especially with the weight of losing control of your own playoff destiny the week before.

The Seahawks won in Arizona, as they have countless other times this season, but it was a game that seemed to confirm many of the flaws that ultimately kept this team out of the playoffs.

Perhaps “unfulfilled potential” encapsulates this Seahawks season. A team that added weapons on both sides of the ball struggled to find consistency and finished in a worse position than the year before.

The last time the Seahawks missed the playoffs (2021), it led to one of the most stunning offseason moves in franchise history. There are a lot of tough decisions to be made about key figures on this team and how they affect the uncertain future. After the way this season ended, it will be fascinating to see what happens over the next few months.

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