In theaters: ‘Scream VI’ goes to the big city and hits | Characteristic

In “Scream VI,” the psychotic knife-wielding serial killer known as Ghostface is set loose on the streets of New York. Yawn.

The former terror of the fictional Californian town of Woodsboro has made a cross-country trip to the City That Never Sleeps, bringing his fearsome mask, black cloak and an impressive stash of daggers. But he’s lost in the big city, a slasher made small in his new playground.

No disrespect to Mr. Stubby-Stubby, but New York is where you get yelled at by a freaking hot dog vendor, have fistfights for downtown parking, pay $8 for a pack of gum, and find approximately six public restrooms for 8 million people . Ghostface, dude, start your scare game in the Big Apple. This is the town where Pizza Rat lives. This is a town where high schoolers have nunchucks.

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