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In evaluating portfolio ownership and management data, UBS relies on information provided by asset management firms at a particular point in time, and we do not independently verify or guarantee the accuracy or completeness of that information. Additionally, the information currently collected may be more limited for some products or businesses, but we expect availability and transparency to expand over time.

Strategies and managers in different geographies and styles define and incorporate considerations for inclusive investing in different ways. The inclusion of inclusive investment factors or considerations in the construction of the portfolio may impede the portfolio manager’s ability to participate in certain investment opportunities that would otherwise be consistent with its investment objective and other underlying investment strategies. The return of a portfolio consisting primarily of investments or strategies considered diversified may be lower or higher than a portfolio when these factors are not considered by the portfolio manager, and the investment opportunities available to such portfolios, may also differ. Companies may not necessarily meet high performance standards in all aspects of their diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives or inclusion efforts; nor is there any guarantee that any company will meet expectations in relation to corporate responsibility, sustainability, inclusion and/or impact outcomes.


Validity: 06/30/24 Approval Date: 06/30/23 Review Code: IS2304069

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