Inspiretek has partnered with the Queensland Government’s Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport

The Inspire Pathways Initiative pilot project, led by Queensland Government support, is aimed at improving young people’s mental health and wellbeing Queensland athletes

BRISBANE, Australia, November 20, 2023 /CNW/ – Inspiretek (, a health technology company focused on improving the mental health and wellbeing of young people, today announced official support from the Queensland Government and its Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport (DTIS) . DTIS is funding the implementation of Inspiretek’s health technology platform in its state sports organizations through the Inspire Pathways Initiative pilot project. The aim is to better scale personalized support for young people’s mental health and wellbeing Queensland athletes.

A recent national survey of mental health and well-being in Australia reveals that the prevalence of mental disorders among 16-24-year-olds has increased by 50 percent since 2007 (26 percent) to 39 percent in 2021.1 The positive links between sports participation and better mental health are well established and Inspiretek was first launched during the pandemic to serve young athletes, with a wider vision to provide the necessary mental health and wellbeing support, tools and technology to all people in need. Its platform is evidence-based, with decades of supporting research behind it, and is accessible and inclusive, providing personalized support at scale. Earlier this summer, the company announced the launch of Infinite Score, which gives organizations and their young people a research-backed way to track mental health and wellbeing on a daily basis.

“Infinite Score and charts are a great addition. It makes daily checks streamlined and easy to use,” said Fraser Harrison, the Wellbeing Strategy Project Manager with the Queensland Weightlifting Association, one of the organizations involved in the Inspire Pathways initiative. “Queensland Weightlifting is making great strides in supporting the wellbeing of our members and Inspiretek is proving to be a valuable resource in that process.”

“Our collaboration with DTIS is an incredible validation of the technology and service we have built, and we are proud to Queensland– a company founded to support our athletes across the state as they look to develop and compete on the national and world stage,” said Inspiretek’s CEO Rodney Rapson. “Our system is deployed in multiple Queensland sports organizations to increase access to tailored mental health and wellbeing resources and tools, and to improve opportunities for communication, collaboration and protection for and between young athletes, their coaches, teams and support systems.

“As a former competitive young gymnast in QueenslandI know that having access to something like our technology would benefit my mental and physical health as I progressed in gymnastics,” said the Inspiretek founder Annie Devitt. “We are very proud to be aligned with Queensland government and do not take this amazing opportunity lightly. We are motivated to make an impact at scale.”

Unlike other AMS technologies, Inspiretek’s platform puts young people at the center while offering the communication, content and engagement tools that today’s coaches, administrators and organizations demand. By tracking mental health and well-being, Inspiretek provides personalized evidence-based content, education and support for each user.

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Inspiretek is a wellness management system for young athletes. Its technology has been co-developed with experts in mental health, sports science and education to drive positive behavior change and improve mental health and wellbeing outcomes.


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