Institute for Technological Innovation to host 2nd Additive Manufacturing of the Future workshop in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi [UAE], April 8 (ANI/WAM): Following the huge success of its inaugural workshop last year, the Technology Innovation Institute (TII), a world-leading research center and the applied research pillar of the Abu Dhabi Advanced Technology Council (ATRC), has announced, that the additive manufacturing team within its Advanced Materials Research Center (AMRC) will host the second edition of the Future of Additive Manufacturing workshop this year. Now in its second year, the seminar is set to become an annual event for Abu Dhabi’s manufacturing sector and will be held on April 27 at the W Hotel, Abu Dhabi.

Additive Manufacturing the Future 2023 will bring together global additive manufacturing and 3D printing experts, industry giants and relevant stakeholders for comprehensive dialogue and expert-level networking on various breakthrough technologies in the field. The seminar will highlight critical challenges and opportunities for the industry and discuss emerging trends that are shaping and empowering this burgeoning sector. Additive manufacturing, also often referred to as 3D printing, has recently become a major contender among traditional advanced manufacturing technologies in sectors including aerospace, automotive, space, biomedical, oil and gas, and tools, among others.

The long agenda of the workshop will cover four important topics – design for additive manufacturing, materials for additive manufacturing and their sustainability, manufacturing processes and post-processing and finally industrial applications of additive manufacturing which include successful and impactful use cases, standardization, certification, and intellectual property issues related to additive manufacturing. Nesma Aboulkhair, Director, Additive Manufacturing, Advanced Materials Research Center, will lead the opening session on “Unlocking the potential in additive manufacturing of laser powder mixtures”. Josephine Lissner, CEO and Founder of Leap 71, UAE, and Lynn Kaiser, Founder of Hyperganic, will follow her with a session titled “Creating Humanity’s Physical Future Through Computational Engineering and Integrated Digital Manufacturing – or – From Code to Aerospike “.

Other prominent speakers confirmed to attend the workshop include Wesley Cantwell, Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Khalifa University, Aijun Huang, Director, Monash Center for Additive Manufacturing, Federico Bosio, Senior Research Fellow, AMRC, TII, and Markus Glasner, Senior Vice President – EMEA at EOS Global. Daniel France, Director Global Sales and Business Development, BEAMIT SpA, Pawan Kumar Chandana, Co-Founder, Skyroot Aerospace, and Dr. Alberto Bordin, Additive Manufacturing Technical Lead, ASTM Center of Excellence, will also host special sessions . Barry Finnin, CTO and General Manager of AMAERO Additive Manufacturing Australia, a company partnering with a UAE-based enterprise to strengthen the AM landscape here, is also scheduled to present a session titled “Understanding Metal AM Cost Drivers” . Speaking about expectations from the upcoming workshop, Nesma Aboulkhair said: “Additive manufacturing is a relatively new entrant to the UAE manufacturing landscape and events like this broaden our understanding of this unique and fast-growing discipline. In addition, they help accelerate the discovery of transformative solutions that can benefit the UAE and other countries around the world. This workshop offers a critical platform for strategic synergies in additive manufacturing R&D and will undoubtedly boost TII’s credibility as a leading center of knowledge, collaboration and technological expertise in additive manufacturing in the UAE and beyond.”

Hand Alkaidi, Engineer, Materials Science, from the AM team, added: “We have a fantastic line-up of speakers whose vast experience and skills are sure to add enormous value in enabling attendees to embrace additive manufacturing in their business operations. Additionally, academics can jointly explore potential new areas of research collaboration to deepen their insights into additive manufacturing to strengthen TII’s leadership in shaping innovative solutions to address the world’s most pressing challenges.” (ANI/WAM )

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